Understanding Hagiography and its Textual Tradition

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Understanding Hagiography and its Textual Tradition: the Late Antique and the Early Medieval Period (6th-11th centuries)

Lisbon, 24-26 October 2018
Appel à contributions
Date limite : 30 mai 2018

Between the sixth and the eleventh century, passions, lives of saints, translations of relics, miracles and other hagiographical genres underwent a remarkable process of transmission and rewriting. This conference aims at producing a fresh look at the transmission and the evolution of these crucial pieces of the spiritual and cultural life in the early Middle Ages. It will explore manuscript and textual traditions and literary reshaping, both in the history of the hagiographic genre and in the evolutionary process of the specific texts, without overlooking their function as pieces of a cult or simply of edification.
The papers should focus on hagiographic texts (passions, lives of saints, translations of relics, miracles and other hagiographic pieces) produced between the sixth and the eleventh centuries, as well as on hagiographic books (passionaries, legendaries and other sorts of compilation) composed before the late eleventh century.
Main thematic lines
- Transformation of the hagiographic text, both at the linguistic and at the literary level, generating new versions (by abbreviation, amplification or otherwise)
- Textual history and manuscript tradition
- Creation, evolution and transmission of passionaries, legendaries and other sorts of compilation.

Keynote speakers
François Dolbeau, Guy Philippart, Carmen Codoñer, Monique Goullet, Paolo Chiesa, Rosalind Love, Mark Humphries, Paulo Farmhouse Alberto

Paulo Farmhouse Alberto, Paolo Chiesa, Monique Goullet

Submitting papers
The papers should be 20 minutes in length and can be presented in English, French, Italian or Spanish.
An abstract of ca. 200 words, including the name, institution and email, should be sent before May 30 2018 to: UHTT_Lisbon2018[at]letras.ulisboa.pt.
Acceptance of the papers will be communicated until June 30, 2018.


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