"Fervet opus". Per i primi 60 anni di "Vichiana"

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"Fervet opus". Per i primi 60 anni di "Vichiana"

Appel à contributions
Date limite : 30 marzo 2024


Next 2024 “Vichiana”, founded and directed by Carlo Del Grande, time ago included in class A and in SCOPUS indexing, turns sixty. In 1972, after two years of forced silence, the journal published in Naples until 2013 by the publisher Loffredo, would offer the reader a substantial essay of Arnaldi, co-director since 1968, on La crisi dell'età argentea (pp. 3-67). The theme, for those like us who seek and find an effective dialectic in the new function and in the renewed ministry of the word even in the message of the classical tradition, today appears once again to have a dramatic relevance.

“Vichiana” combines the traditional historical-philological-literary profile with broader approaches to the many possible connections of the classical texts in which the culture of our time has known and knows how to involve them with its dynamic analysis for «continuità, distanza, conoscenza» (Settis). An extensive sounding in the Fortleben of Antiquity, with investigations in the sphere of cinema, theatre, music, contributes to the reduction and/or expansion of the spaces between the ancients and moderns. The anthropological investigation of and in the classic world is notoriously contributing to a more perceived reflowering of the humanities in our conscience. Furthermore, the studies dedicated to the relationship between literary sources and legal sources, in which the multifaceted existential frameworks and the various interpretations or reality intersect, allow explorations susceptible to surprising cognitive outcomes. An Altertumswissenschaft enriched with new possible fields of research, new methods of analysis, new spirit of initiate, in turn promotes the renaissance of ourselves.
The publisher, Prof. Fabrizio Serra, the members of the scientific Committee, the editorial board and I as Director decided to celebrate the anniversary with the organization of a conference here in Naples and above all with the preparation of a miscellaneous volume in the «Biblioteca di “Vichiana”» series (FERVET OPUS. Per i primi 60 anni di “Vichiana”), open and inclusive, in the spirit of the cultural line of the Journal.
Scholars who wish to join the initiative can send their paper to the following e-mail addresses:
olgacir[at]libero.it – mpaladin[at]unina.it – lentano[at]unisi.it – sergioaudano70[at]gmail.com – creformi[at]unina.it. Contributions will be subjected to anonymous peer.review. Last date of submission is March 30, 2024; each contribution must not exceed 32,000/33,000 characters, including white spaces and Notes; the editorial criteria are those of “Vichiana” and can be read online by typing «Libraweb – Pubblica con noi».


Organisation : Crescenzo Formicola
Contact : creformi[at]unina.it

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