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Greek and Roman Musical Studies

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Edited by Andrew Barker (University of Birmingham)
Studies can be submitted online through Editorial Manager, please click here

Greek and Roman Musical Studies is a new journal, the first specialist periodical in the fields of ancient Greek and Roman music. It will publish papers offering cultural, historical, theoretical, archaeological, iconographical and other perspectives on music in Classical antiquity, and on its reception in later times (especially the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but also more recent periods). The Editorial Board will also consider contributions on music elsewhere in the Mediterranean region, including Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Mesopotamia. Cross-disciplinary approaches will be particularly appreciated.

Instructions aux auteurs

Ethical and Legal Conditions Submission of an article for publication in any of Brills' journals implies the following:
1. All authors are in agreement about the content of the manuscript and its submission to the journal.
2. The contents of the manuscript have been tacitly or explicitly approved by the responsible authorities where the research was carried out.
3. The manuscript has not been published previously, in part or in whole, in English or any other language, except as an abstract, part of a published lecture or academic thesis.
4. The manuscript has not and will not be submitted to any other journal while still under consideration for this journal.
5. If accepted, the author agrees to transfer copyright to BRILL and the manuscript will not be published elsewhere in any form, in English or any other language, without prior written consent of the Publisher.
6. If the submission includes figures, tables, or large sections of text that have been published previously, the author has obtained written permission from the original copyright owner(s) to reproduce these items in the current manuscript in both the online and print publications of the journal. All copyrighted material has been properly credited in the manuscript. For more information on the reuse of figures, please go to
Online Submission GRMS uses an online submission system to facilitate an efficient selection and peer-review process for all concerned. Authors should submit their manuscript online via the Editorial Manager (EM) online submission system at: First-time users of EM need to register first. Go to the website and click on the "Register Now" link in the login menu. Enter the information requested.
When you register, select e-mail as your preferred method of contact. Upon successful registration, you will receive an e-mail message containing your Username and Password. If you should forget your Username and Password, click on the "Send Username/Password" link in the login section, and enter Greek and Roman Musical Studies your first name, last name and email address exactly as you had entered it when you registered. Your access codes will then be e-mailed to you.
Prior to submission, authors are encouraged to read the ‘Instructions to Authors' specific to Editorial Manager. When submitting via the website, you will be guided stepwise through the creation and uploading of the various files.
A revised document is uploaded the same way as the initial submission. The system automatically generates an electronic (PDF) file, which is then used for reviewing purposes. All correspondence, including the editor's request for revision and final decision, is sent by e-mail.
Double-blinded Peer-review GRMS uses a double-blind peer review system, which means that manuscript author(s) do not know who the reviewers are, and that reviewers do not know the names of the author(s). When you submit your article via Editorial Manager, you will be asked to submit a separate title page which includes the full title of the manuscript plus the names and complete contact details of all authors. This page will not be accessible to the referees. All other files (manuscript, figures, tables, etc.) should not contain any information concerning author names, institutions, etc. The names of these files and the document properties should also be anonymized. Book Reviews need not be anonymized: the name and address of the author should be added in the first submission.

Contact Address
For any questions or problems relating to your manuscript please contact the Managing Editor, Professor Andrew Barker, Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. . For technical questions about Editorial Manager, authors can also contact the Brill EM Support Department at: Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. .

Book Reviews
Note to Publishers: All books for review should be sent to:
Dr Maggi Creese
c/o School of History, Classics & Archaeology
Armstrong Building
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU
United Kingdom

Submission Requirements

The preferred language for manuscripts is English, but manuscripts in French, German, Italian or Spanish will also be considered.

Articles should not be more than 8,000 words long including footnotes. For longer articles the author should contact the editor-in-chief.



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