Ancient Greek and Roman music : current approaches and new perspectives

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Ancient Greek and Roman music : current approaches and new perspectives

APA 146TH annual meeting January 8-11, 2015, New Orleans, LA

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Date limite : 1er février 2014



Organized by Pauline LeVen, Yale University
Sponsored by MOISA: Society for the Study of Greek and Roman Music and Its Cultural Heritage

Ancient Greek and Roman music, song, and dance is currently an area of academic growth. Recent conferences and collected volumes on performance, sound, the chorus, the aesthetics of mousikē, modern musical reception, and various aspects of lyric poetry illustrate the diversity of methods and approaches in the field: from classical philology, philosophy, material and cultural history, performance studies, and music history to anthropology, history of religion, cultural studies and reception, archeology, papyrology, epigraphy and iconography.
For its inaugural APA panel, MOISA invites scholars interested in any aspect of ancient Greek and Roman music and its cultural heritage to present papers devoted to current approaches to ancient music (understood in its largest sense) and new perspectives on the topic.
We are especially keen on establishing a dialogue with scholars from different fields and to examine the interactions between music and other dimensions of ancient culture (science, visual arts, archaeology, etc.).

Abstracts for 20-minute papers to be presented at the 2015 APA annual meeting should observe the instructions for the format of individual abstracts that appear on the APA web site. The deadline for submission is February 1st, 2014, and all prospective presenters should be APA members in good standing at the time of submission. Please address your abstract or any question related to the panel to Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. . In accordance with APA regulations, all abstracts for papers will be read anonymously by two referees.



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