Une nouvelle revue : Anglo-Saxon

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Une nouvelle revue vient de naître : Anglo-Saxon (ISSN 1754-372X), éditée par le "Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies" de l'Université d'Aberdeen.

Cette revue intéresse tous les spécialistes de l'Angleterre anglo-saxonne : les anglicistes et les historiens, mais aussi les latinistes. Le premier tome comporte ainsi deux articles sur l'Histoire Ecclésiastique de Bède le Vénérable.


Table des matières du tome 1 (2007) d'Anglo-Saxon :

  • Preface ix
  • The Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies at The University of Aberdeen xi
  • Truth, tradition, and authority in Bede’s interpretation of the Council of Whitby, 664 (William L. North) 1
  • The two earliest manuscripts of Bede’s Ecclesiastical History? (David N. Dumville) 55
  • The etymology and significance of Beowulf ’s name (R. D. Fulk) 109
  • “Beowulf,” the Gaels, and the recovery of the pre-Conversion past (Dennis Cronan) 137
  • Æthilwulf: gidda gemyndig? (Benjamin J. Snook) 181
  • Stressed and spaced out: manuscript-evidence for Beowulfian prosody (Megan E. Hartman) 201
  • The speaking cross, the persecuted princess, and the murdered earl: the early history of Romsey Abbey (Ann Williams) 221
  • ‘These things we have written about him’: the portrait of King William in ‘The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle’ 1086E (Malasree Home) 239


  • The death of King Edward the Martyr 18 March, 979? (David N. Dumville) 269


  • King Æthelwulf ’s decimations (S. E. Kelly) 285
  • A missing army: some doubts about the Alfredian Chronicle (T. A. Shippey) 319
  • A twelfth-century translation of a tenth-century English royal diploma? (David N. Dumville) 339
  • The Anglo-Saxon knight and his post-Conquest successor (H. G. Richardson† and G. O Sayles†) 361


  • Style-sheet for prospective contributors to Anglo-Saxon 385
  • Advertisements for degree-programmes 395
  • Order-form for Mediaeval Scandinavia 399
  • Order-form for Anglo-Saxon 400

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