Découverte d'un manuscrit des Ethica de Spinoza

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Découverte d'un manuscrit des Ethica de Spinoza

Recently the Dutch historian of philosophy Leen Spruit, who teaches at La Sapienza University in Rome, made a spectacular discovery in the Vatican library: he found an original manuscript of Spinoza's Ethica, one of the most important philosophical treatises in modern history. The Vatican codex contains the complete text of the Ethica and is the only surviving manuscript of this fundamental work. Together with the Italian Spinoza expert Pina Totaro Spruit prepared a critical edition of the manuscript, published by Brill.  Présentation de l'ouvrage le 14 novembre.

The discovery of the manuscript was first announced in NRC Handelsblad.
For recent commentary in L'Osservatore Romano, see here.

Source : Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut Rome (KNIR)


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