S. Maso, Grasp and Dissent. Cicero and Epicurean Philosophy

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Stefano Maso, Grasp and Dissent. Cicero and Epicurean Philosophy, Turnhout, 2015.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Philosophie hellénistique et romaine 2
272 pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-55030-5
€ 70 (excl. TVA + shipping)

The present study centers on the distinctive characteristics of Cicero's philosophical training; for the first time in a volume, the Roman philosopher's relationship with Epicurean philosophy is accurately recreated. Not only does Cicero exhibit his lofty philosophical proficiency anchored in the Academic school, but he also proves an excellent authority on Epicurus's proposed philosophy.

Introduction: Studiose dicere conta Epicurum
1. Antiepicureanism?
1.1. The Ciceronean Working Method
1.2. Traces of an Epicurean Education

2. Critiquing Epicurean Physics
2.1. The Atomistic Conception of Reality
2.2. The "Clinamen" Theory According to Cicero

3. Epicurean Theology
3.1. Divine Providence?
3.2. The Gods' Images

4. A Theoretical Project's Failed Plan
4.1. Epicurean and Academic Criticism in Reconstructing the History of Philosophy in De natura deorum I
4.2. The Doxographical Excursus

5. Epicurus's Pleasure
5.1. The Essence of Pleasure
5.2. Pleasure and Virtue

6. On the Tetrapharmakon and Suffering
6.1. Death
6.2. The Doctrine of Limit and of Mediation
6.3. Cum dignitate otium: the Epicurean and Ciceronian telos

Epilogue, Afterword, Bibliography, Index fontium, Index nominum


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