M. J. Clark, The Making of the Historia scholastica, 1150–1200

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Mark J. Clark, The Making of the Historia scholastica, 1150–1200, Turnhout, 2016.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Studies and Texts, 198
XVI+322 pages
ISBN : 978-0-88844-198-0
75 €

"The Making of the Historia scholastica, 1150–1200 is without a doubt a seminal study of the first importance for the study of the history of medieval theology, and especially for the making in the mid-to-late twelfth century of one of the most influential books produced at that time. The Scholastic History of Peter Comestor is an encyclopaedic outline of the contents of the Bible presented from a historical point of view; it was destined to enjoy a phenomenal success for centuries to come. Mark Clark shows Comestor at work as a historian with a profound knowledge of previous scholarship, a masterful commentator on the literal sense of the stories found in Scripture, and a teacher in Paris whose colleagues included Peter Lombard and Stephen Langton.” (David Luscombe, The University of Sheffield)

Source : Brepols


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