Raymond Lulle, Liber contra Antichristum, Liber de gentili et tribus sapientibus

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Raymond Lulle, Opera latina XXXVI (op. 10-11) : Liber contra Antichristum, éd. Pamela M. Beattie – Liber de gentili et tribus sapientibus, éd. Óscar de la Cruz Palma, Turnhout, 2015.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Mediaevalis (CCCM 264)
XXIV+482 pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-55740-3
280 €


Volume XXXVI of the Raimundi Lulli Opera latina contains critical editions of Ramon Llull's Liber contra Antichristum (edited by Pamela M. Beattie) and Liber de gentili et tribus sapientibus (edited by Óscar de la Cruz Palma).
The Liber contra Antichristum (op. 10) is the Latin version of the original Catalan Llibre contra Anticrist (c. 1274-1276), written nearly twenty years later (sometime between 1290 and 1294). The treatise is decidedly not sensational; it contains no apocalyptic timetables and makes no attempt to equate contemporary figures or movements with specific apocalyptic figures or events. On the contrary, it reflects Llull's intellectual and evangelical desires to articulate rational proofs for the basic doctrines of Christianity.
The Liber de gentili et tribus sapientibus (op. 11) is the Latin version of Ramon Llull's Llibre del gentil e dels tres savis, produced only a few years after the Catalan original (c. 1271). It is a dialogue in which a gentile listens to the expositions of three wise men – a Jew, a Christian, and a Saracen – each of whom is trying to explain the main doctrines of his own religion. The objective is the conversion of the gentile to the best of the three religions, but the result remains undisclosed by the author in order to leave the choice up to the reader.

Pamela Beattie is Assistant Professor of Medieval Studies at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. Her research focuses on Ramon Llull as a point of intersection between scholastic culture and that of the educated laity in the later middle ages, concentrating on history of the crusades, interfaith dialogue, and popular religion.
Óscar de la Cruz is Professor of Latin Philology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He has published and continues to work on editions of various Latin texts from the Medieval and Early Modern periods which reflect the intellectual relations between the Latin and the Byzantine worlds, paying particular attention to the western perception of Islam.


Source : Brepols


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