C. Rode (éd.), A Companion to Responses to Ockham

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Christian Rode (éd.), A Companion to Responses to Ockham, Leyde, 2016.

Éditeur : Brill
Collection : Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition, 65
400 pages
ISBN : 9789004308336
199 €

This volume collects twelve chapters that present the multifaceted responses to the works of the William of Ockham in Oxford, Paris, Italy, and at the papal court in Avignon in the 14th century, and it assembles contributions on philosophers and theologians who all have criticized Ockham's works at different points. In individual case studies it gives an exemplary overview over the reactions the Venerable Inceptor has provoked and also serves to better understand Ockham's thought in its historical context. The topics range from ontology, psychology, theory of cognition, epistemology, and natural science to ethics and political philosophy. This volume demonstrates that the reactions to Ockham's philosophy and theology were manifold, but one particular kind of reception is missing: unanimous approval.

Table of contents
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1 Chatton's Critique of Ockham's Conception of Intuitive Cognition
Sonja Schierbaum

2 Crathorn versus Ockham on Cognition, Language, and Ontology
Aurélien Robert

3 Pseudo-Richard of Campsall and Richard Brinkley
Laurent Cesalli

4 Wyclif as an Opponent of Ockham: A Case of Realist Reaction to Ockham's Approach to
Logic, Metaphysics, and Theology
Alessandro D. Conti

5 Properties in Walter Burley's Later Metaphysics
Nathaniel E. Bulthuis

6 Responses to Ockham: John Buridan
Thomas Dewender

7 Gregory of Rimini
Isabelle Mandrella

8 Nicole Oresme and William Ockham
Stefano Caroti

9 Peter of Candia's Criticisms of William of Ockham
Stephen F. Brown

10 Francis of Prato
Christian Rode

11 Stephan of Rieti's Criticism of Ockham's Interpretation of Aristotle and Porphyry*
Fabrizio Amerini

12 Ockham and the Avignon Papacy: The Controversy with John XXII, Benedict XII and Clement VI
Isabel Iribarren

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Source : Brill


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