C. S. Kraus et C. Stray (éd.), Classical commentaries: explorations in a scholarly genre

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Christina S. Kraus et Christopher Stray (éd.), Classical commentaries: explorations in a scholarly genre, Oxford, New York, 2016.

Éditeur : Oxford University Press
xvii, 533 pages
ISBN : 9780199688982


This book consists of twenty-six chapters on classical commentaries which deal with commentaries from the ancient world to the twentieth century. The book contributes to the interface between two emerging fields of study: the history of scholarship and the history of the book. It builds on earlier work on this area by paying particular attention to: (1) specific editions, whether those regarded as classics in their own right, or those that seem representative of important trends or orientations in scholarship; (2) traditions of commentary on specific classical authors; and (3) the processes of publishing and printing as they have related to the production of editions. The book takes account of the material form of commentaries and of their role in education: the chapters deal both with academic books and also with books written for schools, and pay particular attention to the role of commentaries in the reception of classical texts.

Table des matières

1 Form and Content
Christina S. Kraus and C.A. Stray

Part 1 Individuals: Commentaries and Modern Commentators
2 Jebb's Sophocles
P.J. Finglass
3 A Teutonic Monster in Oxford
Christopher Stray
4 My Back Pages
Richard F. Thomas
5 Two-author Commentaries on Horace
Stephen Harrison
6 Dodds' Bacchae
S.P. Oakley

Part 2 Traditions: Commentaries on Specific Authors and Texts
7 Commentary Writing on the Annals of Tacitus
Salvador Bartera
8 Commenting on Fragments
Jackie Elliott
9 Between Scylla and Charybdis
Armand D'Angour
10 Philosophers, Exegetes, Scholars
Han Baltussen
11 Italian Commentaries on Lucretius
Guido Milanese
12 Citations of Ovid in Virgil's Ancient Commentators
Justin Haynes
13 The Historical Commentary
John Davies

Part 3 Material: Form, Series, Markets
14 Selling Terence in Renaissance Italy
Paul F. Gehl
15 From Giovanni Pontano to Pierio Valeriano
Julia Haig Gaisser
16 Translation and Commentary
Stuart Gillespie
17 Agricolan Paratexts
Christina S. Kraus
18 Fifty Shades of Orange
Roy Gibson

Part 4 Reception: History of Commentary
19 Hipparchus Among the Detractors?
Caroline Bishop
20 Ancient Commentaries on Theocritus' Idylls and Virgil's Eclogues
Joseph Farrell
21 Biblical Exegesis and the Twelfth-century Expansion of Servius
A.B. Kraebel
22 Christian Gottlob Heyne and the Changing Fortunes of the Commentary in the Age of Altertumswissenschaft
Katherine Harloe
23 Jean-François Vauvilliers and Pindaric Commentary
Penelope Wilson

Part 5 Futures: Commentaries and the Web
24 Heracles' Choice
Peter J. Anderson
25 The Dream of a Universal Variorum
Peter Heslin
26 The Future of Antiquity
Sander M. Goldberg



Source : OUP


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