C. Damon, Caesar. Civil War

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Cynthia Damon (éd.), Caesar. Civil War, Cambridge [MA]-Londres, 2016.

Éditeur : Harvard University Press
Collection : Loeb Classical Library
450 pages
ISBN : 9780674997035
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Caesar (C. Iulius, 102–44 BC), statesman and soldier, defied the dictator Sulla; served in the Mithridatic wars and in Spain; entered Roman politics as a “democrat” against the senatorial government; was the real leader of the coalition with Pompey and Crassus; conquered all Gaul for Rome; attacked Britain twice; was forced into civil war; became master of the Roman world; and achieved wide-reaching reforms until his murder. We have his books of commentarii (notes): eight on his wars in Gaul from 58–52 BC, including the two expeditions to Britain in 55–54, and three on the civil war of 49–48. They are records of his own campaigns (with occasional digressions) in vigorous, direct, clear, unemotional style and in the third person, the account of the civil war being somewhat more impassioned.

This edition of the Civil War replaces the earlier Loeb Classical Library edition by A. G. Peskett (1914) with new text, translation, introduction, and bibliography. In the Loeb Classical Library edition of Caesar, Volume I is his Gallic War; Volume III consists of Alexandrian War, African War, and Spanish War, commonly ascribed to Caesar by our manuscripts but of uncertain authorship.

I. The Collapse of the Republic
A. Rome Dominant
B. Problems
C. Solution?
D. Collapse
II. Caesar's Career to 49
III. Caesar's Civil Wars
IV. Caesar's Civil War
V. The Text
Timeline of the Civil War
General Bibliography
Civil War
Book I
Book II
Book III
[Untitled, showing (1) Roman territory prior to Caesar's consulship; (2) Caesar's provinces; (3) Allied states reorganized by Caesar; and (4) Caesar's conquests]
The Roman Empire—West
The Roman Empire—East
Italy and the Adriatic
Greece and Asia



Source : Harvard University Press