R. Ferri et A. Zago (éd.), The Latin of the Grammarians

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Rolando Ferri et Anna Zago (éd.), The Latin of the Grammarians. Reflections about Language in the Roman World, Turnhout, 2016.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Corpus Christianorum. Lingua Patrum 8
453 pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-56627-6

What can Roman grammarians tell us about their language from a modern linguistic perspective? This book brings together scholars interested in Roman grammarians from a variety of areas, from manuscript research to modern sociolinguistics and the history of Latin. Their combined effort tries to elicit a wide-ranging, comparative picture of cutting edge research on Roman grammar, with special focus on the Roman grammarians' perception of linguistic change in Latin, sociopragmatic variation, and linguistic interference from Greek. Grammarians were not simply transmitters of rules: they also spoke the language of their times and were alert to social and pragmatic variations of usage, and at the same time reflected the formation of new Latin standards different from the language of the syllabus authors (Pompeius, Consentius, Medieval authors of artes grammaticae).

Table of Contents

A. CHAHOUD, Varro's Latin and Varro on Latin
W. D. C. DE MELO, What is the Middle Declension in Varro, De Lingua Latina 10, 71? A New Interpretation of an Old Emendation
F. BIDDAU, Le fonti letterarie di interesse ortografico e il loro valore
L. FILIPPONIO, Tra musica e grammatica: Lo statuto della fonetica nella grammaticografia classica
G. MAROTTA, Syllabae, syllabarum divisio et communes syllabae. Ambiguità prosodica tra fonologia e metrica nei grammatici latini
J. URÍA, Nomen an adverbium? Latin Grammarians on the Adverb
A. GARCEA, Charisius' schemata dianoeas: un unicum tra grammatica, retorica e letteratura
E. STAGNI, Carisio e Isidoro interpolato, i capitoli delle figure: novità sulla tradizione manoscritta
M. Ch. SCAPPATICCIO, Tra declinationes verborum ed hermeneumata: le flessioni verbali greco-latine su papiro
E. DICKEY, The Authorship of the Greek Version of Dositheus' Grammar and What it Tells us about the Grammar's Original Use
R. FERRI, An Ancient Grammarian's View of How the Spoken Language Works. Pragmalinguistic Observations in Donatus' Commentum Terentii
T. MARI, I metaplasmi in Consenzio
A. ZAGO, Iotacism in the Latin Grammarians
F. BIVILLE, Polyphonie énonciative chez Priscien
M. ROSELLINI, Note sul latino di Prisciano: contenuti didattici e scrittura
L. MUNZI, Le artes grammaticae fra latino, romanzo e altotedesco



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