Augustin, Sermones ad populum 157-183

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Augustin, Sermones ad populum 157-183, éd. Shari Boodts, Turnhout, 2016.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Corpus Christianorum Series Latina (CCSL 41Bb)
LXXX-784 pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-56811-9
460 €

The series of sermons that forms the subject of this volume, Augustine's sermones ad populum 157-183, forms the second part of the series 151-183 on the New Testament Letters. The numbering refers to the edition produced by the Benedictines of St-Maur in 1683. Additions to the corpus since then are positioned in the series by adding a letter to the relevant number, i.e. serm. 179A for a text which belongs between serm. 179 and 180. The present corpus contains in total thirty-eight texts. Several of these have quite recently – i.e. in this or the previous century – received a modern critical edition: serm. 162A, 162B, 163, 163A, 163B, 166, 166A, 167A, 169, 176, 179A.
Each edition in this volume is accompanied by a brief individual introduction, which is designed so that every edition can essentially be read and accessed in isolation. The individual introductions offer a status quaestionis on the sermon's date and location, outline the specific transmission of the sermon in question, discuss (if applicable) the most important indirect sources, and present the principles at the foundation of the critical text. In addition, the volume contains an elaborate separate chapter on the transmission of the De uerbis Apostoli collection.
Shari Boodts is currently post-doctoral research fellow at the KU Leuven (Belgium)

Source : Brepols