R. A. Kaster, Studies on the Text of Suetonius' De uita Caesarum

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Robert A. Kaster, Studies on the Text of Suetonius' De uita Caesarum, Oxford, 2016.

Éditeur : Oxford University Press
352 pages
ISBN : 9780198758471
75 £

Studies on the Text of Suetonius' De uita Caesarum is a companion volume to the critical edition of Suetonius' Lives of the Caesars in the Oxford Classical Texts series, edited by Robert Kaster. It provides detailed insight into the research and textual analysis behind the edition. Part I presents the first comprehensive and accurate account of the medieval manuscript tradition (ninth to thirteenth centuries) on which the Oxford Classical Text is based, and Part II analyses hundreds of passages where a variety of textual problems are encountered, often offering new solutions. Four appendices provide additional support to the arguments of Part I, while a fifth lists all the places (just over 300) where the new text differs from the edition by Maximilian Ihm that has been the standard since 1907.

Part 1: The Transmission of Suetonius' Caesars in the Middle Ages
Section I: α
Section II: β
Section III: Contamination
Part II: Suetoniana
1: Diuus Iulius
2: Diuus Augustus
3: Tiberius
4: Caligula
5: Diuus Claudius
6: Nero
7: Galba, Otho, Vitellius
8: Diuus Vespasianus, Diuus Titus, Domitianus
Appendix 1: The recentiores
Appendix 2: The Capital Initials in PONS
Appendix 3: The Good Corrections of ζ
Appendix 4: The 'Galba Error'
Appendix 5: Conspectus editionum
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Source : Oxford University Press