J. R. Dodson et D. E. Briones, Paul and Seneca in Dialogue

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Joseph R. Dodson et David E. Briones (éd.), Paul and Seneca in Dialogue, Leyde-Boston, 2017.

Éditeur : Brill
Collection : Ancient philosophy & religion
xviii, 340 pages
ISBN : 9789004341357
138 €


Paul and Seneca in Dialogue assembles an international group of scholars to compare the philosophical and theological strands in Paul and Seneca's writings, placing them in dialogue with one another. Arguably, no other first-century, non-Christian writer's thoughts resemble Paul's as closely as Seneca's, and scholars have often found value in comparing Pauline concepts with Seneca's writings. Nevertheless, apart from the occasional article, broad comparison, or cross-reference, an in-depth critical comparison of these writers has not been attempted for over fifty years – since Sevenster's monograph of 1961. In the light of the vast amount of research offering new perspectives on both Paul and Seneca since the early 1960s, this new comparison of the two writers is long overdue.

C. Kavin Rowe

David E. Briones and Joseph R. Dodson

1. Seneca and Paul: The First Two Thousand Years
Harry Hine

2. Some Observations on Paul and Seneca as Letter Writers
E. Randolph Richards

3. Jesus Christ and the Wise Man: Paul and Seneca on Moral Sages
Runar Thorsteinsson

4. Paul and Seneca on Suffering
Brian J. Tabb

5. Benefiting Others and Benefit to Oneself: Seneca and Paul on 'Altruism'
John M.G. Barclay

6. Paul and Seneca on the Self-Gift
David E. Briones

7. 'We are Debtors': Grace and Obligation in Paul and Seneca
David A. deSilva

8. (Dis)correspondence of Paul and Seneca on Slavery
Timothy Brookins

9. Paul and Seneca on Women
Pauline Nigh Hogan

10. Paul and Seneca on the Body
Michelle Lee-Barnewall

11. Paul and Seneca on the Cross: The Metaphor of Crucifixion in Galatians and De Vita Beata
Joseph R. Dodson

12. Paul in Philippians and Seneca in Epistle 93 on Life after Death and Its Present Implications
Troels Engberg-Pedersen

13. The Salvation of Creation: Seneca and Paul on the Future of Humanity and of the Cosmos
James Ware



Source : Brill