F. Lubian, Disticha Sancti Ambrosii

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Francesco Lubian, Disticha Sancti Ambrosii. Introduzione, testo criticamente riveduto, traduzione e commento, Turnhout, 2017.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Corpus Christianorum. Lingua Patrum 10
264 pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-57124-9
110 €

This book represents the first monographic work dedicated to the Disticha attributed to Ambrose of Milan, a cycle of twenty-one hexametrical distichs whose aim is the description and explanation of pictured narratives from the Old and the New Testament. After an introduction which enlightens all aspects of the epigrammatic cycle (transmission, paternity, debts towards previous Latin poetry, Fortleben, hypothesis of reconstruction), the author provides a revised text, a new Italian translation, and a detailed philological, textual, exegetical and iconographic commentary to the Disticha.

Francesco Lubian (1986) is a Doctor Europaeus in "Poetry and Culture of the Latin and Greek Late Antiquity" and currently an OeADs "Ernst Mach" Post-Doc Stipendiat at the University of Vienna; his studies are mainly devoted to prose (Arnobius, Sulpicius Severus) and poetic production (Prudentius, Sedulius, Cyprianus Gallus, Rusticus Helpidius, Arator) from the Latin Late Antiquity.



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