M. Budzowska et J. Czerwinska, Ancient Myths in the Making of Culture

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Malgorzata BUDZOWSKA et Jadwiga CZERWINSKA (éd.), Ancient Myths in the Making of Culture, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2014.

Éditeur : Peter Lang
Collection : Warsaw Studies in Classical Literature and Culture - Volume 3
361 pages
ISBN : ISBN 978-3-631-65176-6
69.95 euros

The reception of Mediterranean Antiquity heritage is one of the dominant research areas in contemporary classical studies. This issue has constituted the scope of the conference Reception of Ancient Myths in Ancient, Modern and Postmodern Culture, which took place at the University of Łódź (Poland) in November 2013. The volume consists of the selected articles based on the conference papers. They are divided into the main chapters: Literature, Visual and Performing Arts and Philosophy as well as Anthropology. The authors consider different methods of reception of ancient myths focusing on various cultural phenomena: literature, fine arts, theatre, cinema and pop culture.

1. Antoni BOBROWSKI: Some Aspects of the Homerkritik in Ancient Literary Tradition
2. Roberta FRANCHI: Hercules at the Crossroads: Sources, Models, and Variations
3. Jadwiga CZERWIŃSKA: The Myth of Helen of Troy and Its Transformations in the Dramas by Euripides
4. Damian PIERZAK: A Reading of Greek Myth in Cicero's Speeches. The Case of Medea
5. Soledad LLANO BERINI: The Use of Myths in Humanistic Satire. The Example of Antonio Vinciguerra
6. Katarzyna CHIŻYŃSKA: Telemach(us) - Telmah - Hamlet. The Myth of Telemachy in the Hamlet by William Shakespeare
7. Raffaele RUGGIERO: Orpheus' Myth in Vico
8. Agata BUDA: The Time and Space of Antiquity in The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
9. Tiziana OTTAVIANO: Gabriele D'Annunzio and Apollo
10. Tomasz KACZMAREK: Cain, or the Secularization of Myth
11. Katarzyna WOJTYSIAK-WAWRZYNIAK: Juan Antonio Castro Tauromachy. Between the Myth and the Art of Corrida
12. Maria Judyta WOŹNIAK: ‘Exiled Arcadians' - Presence of Myth in the Poetry of Antonio Colinas and Zbigniew Herbert
13. Dorota JĘDRAŚ: The Myth of Atreides in Letter to Orestes and Supper by Iakovos Kambanellis
14. Maria PAVLOU: Mythical and Sartrian Influences in Yannis Ritsos' The Fourth Dimension
15. Anna ZAORSKA: About the Politicization of the Antigone Myth by Rolf Hochhuth
16. Victoria YEFYMENKO: The Myth of the Minotaur in Postmodern Narrative Space
17. Justyna BIERNAT: Mythical Transformations. (A)Pollonia, directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski towards Ancient Tradition
18. Małgorzata BUDZOWSKA: Ancient Myth in Postmodern Theatre
19. Monika WĄSIK: Odyssey Europe. Contemporary German Theatre and the Problem of Immigration
20. Agnieszka LISZKA-DRĄŻKIEWICZ: The Story of Orestes as a Reflection of the Transformations of Modern Society in Pylades by Pier Paolo Pasolini
21. Anna MILLER-KLEJSA: The Night of the Shooting Stars - in the Circle of Myths and Fairy Tales
22. Karolina PRYMLEWICZ: Narcissus - from Myth to Treatise. André Gide's Theory of Symbol
23. Vassiliki MALATRA: The Transmission of the Zodiac Signs from the Eastern to the Western World: the Case of the Wall-Paintings in Tavant, France
24. Agnieszka GRALIŃSKA-TOBOREK: An Empty Myth – the Aesthetic Reception of Antiquity in Contemporary Art
25. Joanna ŚLOSARSKA: Polish Reception of the Myth of Artemis and Acteon based on Selected Examples
26. Damian STOCKING / Sidney MITSUNAGA-WHITTEN: The «Myth-ing» Link: The Postmodern Community and Classical Myth in John Barth's Menelaiad
27. Elizavetta KOEMETS: Grimly Reaping: Melancholy and the Creative Harvest
28. Adriana GRZELAK-KRZYMIANOWSKA: The Nine Muses and Their Modern Existence
29. Artur GAŁKOWSKI: Mythonyms as the Key to Mythological Phraseology: An Interlinguistic Approach
30. Francoise LECOCQ: The Dark Phoenix: Rewriting An Ancient Myth in Today's Popular Culture


Source : Peter Lang


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