J. Elsner, M. Meyer, Art and Rhetoric in Roman Culture

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J. Elsner, M. Meyer (éd.), Art and Rhetoric in Roman Culture, Cambridge, 2014.

Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
524 pages
ISBN : 9781107000711

Rhetoric was fundamental to education and to cultural aspiration in the Greek and Roman worlds. It was one of the key aspects of antiquity that slipped under the line between the ancient world and Christianity erected by the early Church in late antiquity. Ancient rhetorical theory is obsessed with examples and discussions drawn from visual material. This book mines this rich seam of theoretical analysis from within Roman culture to present an internalist model for some aspects of how the Romans understood, made and appreciated their art. The understanding of public monuments like the Arch of Titus or Trajan's Column or of imperial statuary, domestic wall painting, funerary altars and sarcophagi, as well as of intimate items like children's dolls, is greatly enriched by being placed in relevant rhetorical contexts created by the Roman world.

Source : CUP


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