John F. Donahue, Food and Drink in Antiquity: A Sourcebook Readings from the Graeco-Roman World

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John F. Donahue, Food and Drink in Antiquity: A Sourcebook. Readings from the Graeco-Roman World, Londres, 2014.

Éditeur : Bloomsbury
Collection : Bloomsbury Sources in Ancient History
312 pages
ISBN : 9781441196804

Interest in food and drink as an academic discipline has been growing significantly in recent years. This sourcebook is a unique asset to many courses on food as it offers a thematic approach to eating and drinking in antiquity. For classics courses focusing on ancient social history to introductory courses on the history of food and drink, as well as those offerings with a strong sociological or anthropological approach this volume provides an unparalleled compilation of essential source material. The chronological scope of the excerpts extends from Homer in the Eighth Century BCE to the Roman emperor Constantine in the Fourth Century CE. Each thematic chapter consists of an introduction along with a bibliography of suggested readings. Translated excerpts are then presented accompanied by an explanatory background paragraph identifying the author and context of each passage. Most of the evidence is literary, but additional sources - inscriptional, legal and religious - are also included.

Source : Bloomsbury


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