Classical Receptions Journal – Volume 7 Issue 2

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Classical Receptions Journal – Volume 7 Issue 2


Classical Receptions Journal covers all aspects of the reception of the texts and material culture of ancient Greece and Rome from antiquity to the present day. It aims to explore the relationships between transmission, interpretation, translation, transplantation, rewriting, redesigning and rethinking of Greek and Roman material in other contexts and cultures. It addresses the implications both for the receiving contexts and for the ancient, and compares different types of linguistic, textual and ideological interactions.

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Responding to Ovid's Pygmalion episode and receptions of same-sex love in Classical antiquity: art, homosexuality, and the Curatorship of Classical culture in E. M. Forster's ‘The Classical Annex'
by Jennifer Ingleheart

Kipling's Rome in Puck Of Pook's Hill
by Eric Adler

Performance Reception and the Cambridge Greek Play: Aristophanes' Frogs in 1936 and 1947
by C. W. Marshall

‘Translation' and Transformation: Alice Oswald's Excavation of the Iliad
by Elizabeth Minchin

A ‘Homeric' hymn to Stalin: performing safe criticism in ancient Greek?
by Han Baltussen

‘Ancient Greek Culture and Myth in the Terra Mítica Theme Park'
by Filippo Carlà and Florian Freitag

A pioneer of classical studies in Japan, Shigeichi Kure: a focus on his translations
by Ichiro Taida

Antigone in Juárez: tragedy, politics, and public women on Mexico's northern border
by Jesse Weiner

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