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A Commentary on Valerius Flaccus Book 7: Problems and Approaches
10.05.2021 - 11.05.2021 23.30 h - 00.30 h
Séminaires, conférences


Lisbon Flavian Seminars (10 May 2021, 22:30 GMT +1): Peter Davis (University of Adelaide)


The sixth Lisbon Flavian Seminar of the academic year 2020-2021 will take place via Zoom on Monday, 10/11 May 2021.

Speaker: Peter Davis (University of Adelaide, Australia)
Title: ‘A Commentary on Valerius Flaccus Book 7: Problems and Approaches'
Date: May 10/11 2021 (Monday/Tuesday)
Time: 22:30-23:30 GMT +1, 10 May (Portugal/UK)
23:30-00:30, 10 May (Rome)
17:30-18:30, 10 May (Toronto)
9:30-10:30, 11 May (Auckland)
7:00-8:00, 11 May (Adelaide)

Please note that the meeting time is 22:30 GMT + 1 on 10 May 2021. We do apologize to our European colleagues for the late time of this seminar, but this is due to the fact that Peter Davis has kindly agreed to give a presentation starting at his time of 7:00 a.m. in Adelaide, Australia.

The Lisbon Flavian Seminars are envisaged as a meeting point for all scholars who are interested in the Flavian era. All scholars interested in these online seminars are welcome to register with us. The seminars are held online via Zoom. A reminder notice will be sent to all registrants a few days before each seminar and a Zoom link will be sent a day or so prior to each seminar, as well.

You can send a request for registration to one of the organizers below. If you have previously sent a request to one of us to register for the Lisbon Flavian Seminars, you do not need to send us another request unless you have not received a response from the organizers, in which case we kindly request that you contact us again. (If you wish to remove your name from the list of registrants, you need only to send us a brief e-mail message to request this.)

We hope that these online seminars will contribute to the discussion of issues of the Flavian era, including in such areas as literature, history, and archaeology, which are of concern to scholars working in this area at a time when we are all constrained by the coronavirus from attending conferences and seminars in person.

We hope to see you at our sixth seminar on 10/11 May 2021 (Monday/Tuesday) at 22:30 GMT +1.

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