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2017 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America
06.04.2017 - 08.04.2017 
University of Toronto - Toronto
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Information signalée par Jacques Elfassi

2017 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
April 6-8, 2017

Hosted by The Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto and the Pontifical Institute for Mediaeval Studies


The 92nd Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America will feature three plenary speakers: Carmela Vircillo Franklin (President of the Medieval Academy of America; Professor of Classical Studies, Columbia University), Marina Rustow (Khedouri A. Zilkha Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East, Princeton University), and Monica Green (Professor of History, Arizona State University). Over fifty concurrent sessions, held on the University of Toronto campus, cover a wide array of disciplines and include thematic threads such as ‘The Medieval Mediterranean,’ ‘Manuscript Studies,’ ‘Old English Studies’ and many others. Roundtable discussions focus on topics such as K-12 education, diversity in the medieval studies classroom, compatible careers, and scholarly publication in the age of Open Access. Selected parts of the program will be held at the Art Gallery of Ontario, with the closing plenary at the Aga Khan Museum.

Thursday 6 April

Note: Wednesday 5 April, Thursday 6 April, and Sunday 9 April feature a Graduate Student Workshop on Medieval Manuscripts, by invitation only; for information on the workshop, please contact Jessica Henderson (jess.henderson[AT]

1:30-3 PM                               Opening address: Welcome (MAA President)

Bader Theatre                         Marina Rustow (Princeton University)

“The Cairo Geniza and the Middle East’s Archive Problem”

3-3:30 PM                               Coffee service

Vic Foyer

3:30-5:15 PM                          SESSION 1

1.1 Manuscript Studies I: “In Memory of Fr. Leonard E. Boyle, OP”

VC 101

Org.: M. Michèle Mulchahey (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies)

Chair: Joseph W. Goering (University of Toronto)

Michèle Mulchahey (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies), “The Canonization of Thomas Aquinas: Cult, Magisterium, Image”

David d’Avray (University College London) and Julia Walworth (Merton College, Oxford), “Visual Commentary: Gratian’s Causa 28”

1.2 The North I: “Language and Literature”

VC 115

Org.: Kara Gaston (University of Toronto)

Chair: TBC

Maj-Britt Frenze (University of Notre Dame), “‘Wher rydestow, under this grene-wode shawe?’ Traces of the Greenwood in The Canterbury Tales”

Heidi Støa (Indiana University), “Lively Ekphrasis and Animal Automata in Clári saga and The Squire’s Tale”

Boyda Johnstone (Fordham University), “Falling Awake: Patterns of Half-Sleeping in Late Medieval Literature”

1.3 Medieval Chronicles I: “Texts, History, and Legends”

VC 206

Org.: Elisa Brilli (University of Toronto)

Chair: Eduardo Fabbro (Trent University)

Evan Wilson (University of California, Berkeley), “Battle Narratives and the Concept of Historia in England and Francia, ca. 600-ca. 800”

Susanna A. Throop (Ursinus College), “‘Signs of Christ’: Reading the Crucifixion in the Narrative Accounts of the First Crusade”

Kaitlin Heller (Syracuse University), “The Historical Uses of Science in Peter Comestor’s Historia scholastica”

1.4 The Medieval Mediterranean I: “Language and Literature: Writing ‘Outremer’”

VC 212

Chair: Dorothea Kullmann (University of Toronto)

Uri Shachar (Ben-Gurion University), “Trajectories of Multilingualism in Outremer Chivalric Literature”

Sara Sturm-Maddox (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), “Guillaume de Machaut Writes History: The Prise d’Alexandre”

Zrinka Stahuljak (University of California, Los Angeles), “Aesthetics of Translation: Burgundy and the Mediterranean (1445-1480)”

1.5 Glossing and Commentary I: “Theology”

VC 323

Org. and Chair: Alexander Andrée (University of Toronto)

Alice Hutton Sharp (McGill University), “Glossing the Bible before the Parisian Book-Trade”

Suzanne LaVere (Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne), “‘A Good Soldier of Christ Jesus’: Pastoral Guidance in Ralph of Laon’s Commentaries on Timothy and Titus”

Alessia Miriam Berardi (University of Toronto), “Three Prologues to the Commentaries on Lombard’s Sentences: A Comparison”

1.6 Roundtable: “Publication and Open Access: The Changing Landscape”

VC 215

Chair: Suzanne Conklin Akbari (University of Toronto)

Jerome Singerman (University of Pennsylvania Press)

Suzanne Rancourt (University of Toronto Press)

William Harnum (PIMS Publications)

Eileen Joy (punctum books)

Bobby Glushko (Western Libraries, Western University)

1.7 “Studies in Economic History: In Memory of John Munro”

NF 113

Org. and Chair: Lawrin Armstrong (University of Toronto)

Jason Brown (University of Toronto, “St Antoninus on Greed and Trade: A Scholastic Summa economica?”

Philip Slavin (University of Kent), “A Tribute to John’s Dearest Subject: The Crisis of English Wool Production and Trade Revisited (c.1280-1330)”

Richard Unger (University of British Columbia), “Money, Wages, and Public Finance: The Black Death, the Foundations of Freedom and the Origins of the Modern World (according to John Munro)”

1.8 “The Social, Political and Economic Underpinnings of Anti-Jewish Violence: Comparative Perspectives on 1391 in Spain”

NF 119

Org. Natalie Oeltjen (University of Toronto)

Chair: Mark Meyerson (University of Toronto)

Maya Soifer Irish (Rice University), “Power, Salvation, and Anti-Judaism in Seville, 1369-1391”

Thomas W. Barton (University of San Diego), “‘These Jews should not have better circumstances than those of Mallorca or Barcelona’: The 1391 Pogroms in Tortosa”

Natalie Oeltjen (University of Toronto), “Royal Finances and the Fate of the Majorcan Jewish Community after 1391”

5:30-7 PM                               Performance and Discussion:

VC Chapel                              Marie de France’s Bisclavret / Hrosvit of Gandersheim’s Dulcitius

7-8 PM                                    Reception

VC Foyer

Friday 7 April

8:30-10 AM                            CARA-sponsored plenary:

Bader Theatre                         “Mediterranean Sexualities”

Org. and Chair: Sarah Davis-Secord (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque)

Susan McDonough (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), “Let’s Not Talk About Sex: Prostitutes as Knowledge Brokers in the Medieval Mediterranean”

Jonathan Decter (Brandeis University), “Reading the Sins of Sodom in Late Medieval Jewish Biblical Exegesis”

Debra Blumenthal (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Strange Bedfellows: Two Christians and the Moro who Slept on the Edge of the Bed”

10-10:15 AM                          Coffee break

VC Foyer

10:15 AM-12 noon                 SESSION 2

2.1 Manuscript Studies II: “Diagrams and Schematics”

VC 101

Org. and Chair: Adam S. Cohen (University of Toronto)

Joseph Dyer (University of Massachusetts, Boston), “Sicut in figura: Didactic Images in a Thirteenth-Century French Music Theory Treatise”

Taylor McCall (University of Cambridge), “Reliquam dicit pictura: Text and Image in Medieval Anatomical Manuscripts”

Kimberly Rivers (University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh), “‘Mane, Thecel, Phares’: A Diagram of the Hand as a Locus of Memory, Penitence, and Biblical Commentary in Johannes Sintram’s Miscellany (Leeds Brotherton 102)”

2.2 Old English Studies I: “Papers on Old English Literature and Anglo-Saxon Studies in Honour of Antonette diPaolo Healey”

VC 115

Chair: Audrey Walton (University of Toronto)

Mary Dockray-Miller (Lesley University), “The First Female Anglo-Saxon Professors”

Heather Maring (Arizona State University, Tempe), “The Martyr’s Body and Imago Dei in Three Old English Saints’ Lives”

Andrew Scheil (University of Minnesota), “The Genealogical Imagination in the Old English Genesis A”

2.3 Vernacular Languages I: “Forms Across Languages”

VC 215

Org. and Chair: Jane Gilbert (University College London)

Christopher Davis (Northwestern University), “Grammatical Songs: Poetic Form, Linguistic Difference, and the Vernacular Verse Grammar”

Marisa Galvez (Stanford University), [TBC]

Catherine Keen (University College London), “Translating Lyric Form and Frame, between Dante and Petrarch”

2.4 Medieval Chronicles II: “Texts, History, and Legends”

VC 206

Org.: Elisa Brilli (University of Toronto)

Chair: Christian Knudson (Sheridan College)

Morgan Bozick (Pennsylvania State University), “Mares, Monks, and Marginalia: Political Paganism in the Liber Eliensis’ AElfthryth Narrative”

Paul Gaffney (Hiram College), “The Germanic Invasion of Britain as Imagined in the Prose Brut”

Neil Weijer (Johns Hopkins University), “Hybrid or Hodgepodge? The Latin Brut and the Middle English Chronicle Tradition”

2.5 The Medieval Mediterranean II: “Norman Sicily”

VC 212

Org. and Chair: Jill Caskey (University of Toronto)

Dana Katz (University of Toronto), “Shaping the Land: Cartography and Royal Parklands in Twelfth-century Sicily”

Matt King (University of Minnesota), “The Intersecting Mediterranean: The Case of Norman Sicily and Zirid Ifrīqiya”

Elizabeth Mattison (University of Toronto), “Rewriting History: Receptions and Rejections of Norman Sicily in Late Medieval Nuremberg”

2.6 Glossing and Commentary II: “Law”

VC 323

Org.: Alexander Andrée (University of Toronto)

Chair: TBC

Susan L’Engle (Vatican Film Library, Saint Louis University), “Pictures Worth a Thousand Words: Diagramming Justinian’s Law”

Samuel Klumpenhouwer (University of Toronto), “John of Kent and the Internal Forum”

Riccardo Saccenti (Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose Giovanni XXIII, Bologna, Italy), “The Ministerium Naturae: Natural Law in the Exegetical and Theological Discourse at Paris between 1160 and 1215”

2.7 “Words and Deeds: A Roundtable on Medieval Studies in K-12 Classrooms”

EM 119

Org.: Thomas E. Burman (University of Tennessee)

Chair: Thomas Goodmann (University of Miami)

Elza Tiner (Lynchburg College), “Ars et scientia: Foundations of Today’s Professions in Latin”

Emily Sohmer Tai (Queensborough Community College, CUNY), “Looking for Medieval Studies in the Advanced Placement Curriculum”

Anne McClanan (Portland State University), “Virtual Realities Then and Now: Online Medieval Studies Resources for the K-12 Learner”

Elizabeth Morrison (The Getty Museum), “Materiality, Museums, and the Middle Ages in K-12 Teaching”

Shennan Hutton (University of California, Davis), “Medieval History and the 12-Year-Old: The Sites of Encounter in the Medieval World Unit”

Carrie Swartz (Art Gallery of Ontario), “Cross-Curricular Connections from a Canadian Museum Perspective”

2.8 “Religion and the Sea”

EM 108

Org.: Maryanne Kowaleski (Fordham University) and Amy Remensnyder (Brown University)

Chair: Dyan Elliott (Northwestern University)

Maryanne Kowaleski (Fordham University), “Ship Names as Religious Expression”

Amy Remensnyder (Brown University), “Islands and Sailors’ Religion in the Mediterranean, ca. 1100-ca. 1600”

Christopher Loveluck (University of Nottingham), “Multi-faith Interaction and the Sea in Early Medieval Western Europe: An Interdisciplinary Perspective”

12 noon-1 PM                         Lunch break

1-2 PM                                    Business meeting: CARA and Student Awards

VC Alumni Hall                     (dessert and coffee available in foyer 12:30-2:30)

2-2:45 PM                               Travel to Art Gallery of Ontario

2:45-4:30 PM                          SESSION 3

(Note: Some sessions at the Art Gallery of Ontario, some at Victoria College)

At the Art Gallery of Ontario:

3.1 Manuscript Studies III: “More Diagrams and Schematics”

AGO, Jackman Hall

Org. Adam S. Cohen (University of Toronto)

Chair: Jeffrey Hamburger (Harvard University)

Roland Betancourt (University of California, Irvine), “Schematics and Imagination in Byzantine Siege Warfare Manuscripts”

Ilana Wartenberg (University College London), “Scientific Diagrams in Isaac Israeli’s Yesod Olam (The Foundation of the World), a Treatise on the Jewish Calendar from Medieval Toledo”

Linda Safran (Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies), “Diagramming Byzantine Orthodoxy”

3.2 The Medieval Mediterranean III: “Art and Architecture”

AGO, Seminar Room 1

Chair: TBC

Lisa Mahoney (DePaul University), “The Art of Justifying Rule on Lusignan Cyprus”

Magdalena Elizabeth Carrasco (Yale University), “Knights and Angels with Oliphants: Spirituality and Material Culture at Neuilly-en-Donjon”

Alexandra Kelebay (McGill University), “Imag(in)ing Imperium: Jewelry Hoards, Byzantineness, and Court Culture in Kievan Rus’ and Ottonian Germany, c. 988-1240”

3.3 Bodies, Relics, and Burials in Rome I

AGO, Seminar Room 2

Org. and Chair: Kirstin Noreen (Loyola Marymount University)

John Osborne (Carleton University), “Intramural Burial in Late Antique and Early Medieval Rome: A Reassessment in the Light of Recent Archaeology”

Gregor Kalas (University of Tennessee), “Burials and the Repair of Buildings in Sixth-Century Rome: Evidence from the Epitaphs of S. Maria Antiqua”

Ann van Dijk (Northern Illinois University), “Representing the Body of Christ in Early Medieval Rome”

3.4 Roundtable: “Compatible Careers and Medievalist Voices from off the Tenure Track”

AGO, Seminar Room 3

Org.: Sarah Davis-Secord (University of New Mexico), Anne E. Lester (University of Colorado, Boulder), Laura Morreale (Fordham University) / CARA (sponsor)

Chair: Sarah Davis-Secord (University of New Mexico)

Simon Forde (Director and Managing Editor, Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University)

Sean Gilsdorf (Administrative Director for Standing Committee on Medieval Studies, Harvard University)

Laura Morreale (Associate Director of Medieval Studies, Fordham University)

Jennifer Paxton (Director of the University Honors Program, Clinical Assistant Professor of History, The Catholic University of America)

Lynn Ransom (Curator of Programs, Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies, University of Pennsylvania)

Alan Stahl (Curator of Numismatics, Princeton University)

At Victoria College:

3.5 Old English Studies II: “Multilingual Anglo-Saxon England”

VC 115

Chair: Stephen Pelle (University of Toronto)

Damian Fleming (Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne), “The Oldest Hebrew in Anglo-Saxon England”

Tristan Major (Qatar University), “The Tres linguae sacrae (and its Absence) in Anglo-Saxon Literature”

Emily Butler (John Carroll University), “Negotiating Meaning in Anglo-Danish England”

3.6 Vernacular Languages II: “Vernacular Translation and Manuscript Conversation in French Religious Poetry”

VC 215

Org: Amy Ogden (University of Virginia) and Claire Waters (University of California, Davis)

Chair: Lori Walters (Florida State University)

Amy Ogden (University of Virginia), “The Para-Liturgical, Para-Epic Lives of Bodleian Library, Canonici Misc. 74”

Jeanette Patterson (Binghamton University), “Narrative Truth in the Bible historiale”

Geoff Rector (University of Ottawa), “Translation, Exchange, and Affinity in Philippe de Thaon’s Comput”

Claire Waters (University of California, Davis), “Conversations On and Off the Page in Robert of Gretham’s Évangiles des domnées”

3.7 “Glossing and Commentary III: Biblical Text”

VC 323

Org.: Alexander Andrée (University of Toronto)

Chair: TBC

Erik Estrada (Wake Forest University, School of Divinity), “Lecturing on Paul with his Medieval Commentators: Thomas Aquinas’ Interaction with Thirteenth-century Interpreters of Galatians”

David M. Foley (University of Toronto), “Biblical Theology and the Glossa in the Twelfth-century Schools: Interpreting an Anonymous Lecture Course on the Glossed Gospel of John”

Brett W. Smith (Catholic University of America), “Robert Grosseteste’s Aspectus/Affectus Distinction in his Pauline Commentaries”

3.8 “Interactions in the Levant: Cultural Intersections and Identity during the Crusading Period”

EM 302

Org. Heather E. Crowley (Cardiff University) and Michael S. Fulton (Stronghold Archeology)

Chair: Heather Crowley

Betty Binysh (Cardiff University), “The Evolution from 1095 to 1291 and Beyond”

Niall Christie (Langara College), “Fact vs. Fiction, Theory vs. Practice: Muslim Attitudes towards Fighting Women in the Crusading Period”

Michael S. Fulton (Stronghold Archaeology), “Trademark Defences: The Fortifications of Saladin’s Ayyubid Successors”

Adnan Husain (Queen’s University), “Holy Fire: Interconfessional Polemics and Identity through a Medieval Mediterranean Miracle”

3.9 “Education in Europe, Byzantium and the Middle East (1000-1250)”

VC 212

Org.: Erik Hermans (New York University)

Chair: TBC

Floris Bernard (Central European University), “Poetry in the Classroom: Functions of Verse Texts in Educational and Social Practices at Constantinopolitan Schools (11th-12th centuries)”

Erik Hermans (New York University), “Making Aristotle Fun: Versifications of Aristotelian Logic in Latin, Greek and Arabic”

Matthew L. Keegan (New York University), “The Riddle of Pedagogy: The Affective States of Islamic Education (1111-1231)”

4:30-4:45 PM                          Coffee service

AGO / Vic Foyer

4:45-6:30 PM                          SESSION 4

At the Art Gallery of Ontario:

4.1 Manuscript Studies IV: “Manuscripts in a Digital Age”

AGO, Jackman Hall

Chair: Alexandra Gillespie (University of Toronto)

Alexandra Bolintineanu (University of Toronto), “Wonders Hidden, Wonders Revealed: Topic Modelling the Poetics of Wonder in The Vercelli Book”

Ainoa Castro Correa (King’s College London), “Traditional Palaeography vs. Digital Palaeography: ViGOTHIC and VisigothicPal”

Leslie Zarker Morgan (Loyola University Maryland), “The Digital Huon d’Auvergne in its Franco-Italian Universe: More Than Stemma and Structure”

Lynn Ransom (Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies), “Manuscript Description in a Digital, Crowd-Sourcing, Open-Access World: Problems and Perspectives from the New Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts Project”

4.2 The Medieval Mediterranean IV: “Mediterranean Vernaculars”

AGO, Seminar Room 1

Chair: TBC

Noam Sienna (University of Minnesota), “Lashon and La‘az: Jewish Multilingualism in the Medieval Mediterranean”

Wendy Pfeffer (University of Louisville), “The NeverNeverLand of Blandin de Cornoalha”

Dianna Roberts-Zauderer (University of Toronto), “Knowledge Through Poetry: Falaquera’s Seeker and the Ethical Role of Figurative Language”

4.3 Bodies, Relics, and Burials in Rome II

AGO, Seminar Room 2

Org.: Kirstin Noreen (Loyola Marymount University)

Chair: John Osborne (Carleton University)

Nicola Camerlenghi (Dartmouth College), “The Tomb of St. Paul from the Fourth to the Thirteenth Century”

Simonetta Serra (Roma Capitale-Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali), “Between Transformation and Conservation: Honorius III at San Lorenzo fuori le mura”

Kirstin Noreen (Loyola Marymount University), “Framing the Saints: Hagiographic Images in the Sancta Sanctorum”

4.4 “Medicine and Health”

AGO, Seminar Room 3

Chair: M. Teresa Tavormina (Michigan State University)

Cynthia White (University of Arizona), “Sermone doctoris: A Remedy for Mortality in the Northumberland Bestiary”

Siri Benn (Tufts University), “Intellectual Transmission in the Diagrammatic Arts of the Paris Kitāb al-diryāq”

Nicholas Everett (University of Toronto), “Drug Research and Development in Early Medieval Manuscripts”

At Victoria College:

4.5 Old English Studies III: “A Feminist Renaissance in Anglo-Saxon Studies”

VC 115

Org.: Renée Trilling (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Robin Norris (Carleton University), Rebecca Stephenson (University College Dublin)

Chair: Renée R. Trilling (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Christina Lee (University of Nottingham), “Texts and Textiles”

Stephen Yeager (Concordia University), “‘Historical Accuracy’ and Women’s Authorship: The Case of the Case for Beowulf”

Erin E. Sweany (Indiana University, Bloomington), “Women’s Voices in the Old English Medical Corpus: Reassessing wifgemadlan”

4.6 “Periodization”

VC 215

Chair: TBC

Anna Wilson (University of Toronto), “The Strongwoman of Puteoli: Deviant Histories in Petrarch’s Travel Letters”

Mary Franklin-Brown (University of Minnesota), “The Lyric Renaissance: Jacob Burckhardt and the Carmina Burana”

Ethan Matt Kavaler (University of Toronto), “Gothic in the Renaissance: Problems of Period; Problems of Form”

4.7 “Drama, Performativity, Performance Studies: New Voices in Early Drama Studies” (co-presented with the Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society)

VC 323

Org. and Chair: Matthew M. Sergi

Kaylin O’Dell (Cornell University), “Mind Games: Performing Virtue and Vice in the Old English Psychomachia”

Jacqueline Victor (University of Chicago), “Performing the Performer: Women as jongleurs in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-century French Romance”

Justin Brock (University of Oregon), “The Embodied Anima: Performing the Soul in the Allegorical Play Wisdom”

4.8 MAA Graduate Student Committee roundtable: “Tearing Down Walls, Building Bridges: Medieval Diversity and Cross-Cultural Encounters in Syllabus Design and Teaching”

VC 101

Org. and Chair: Anya Adair (Yale University)

Cord Whitaker (Wellesley College)

Samantha Zacher (Cornell University)

Susan Phillips (Northwestern University)

Asa S. Mittman (California State University-Chico)

Jonathan Hsy (George Washington University)

4.9 “Play, Performance, Deception”

VC 212

Chair: Jeannie Miller (University of Toronto)

Vanina Kopp (German Historical Institute, Paris), “Ludic Encounters: Games, Play, and Contact in the Middle Ages”

Alexa Sand (Utah State University), “Illuminating Performative Objects: Puppets, Manuscripts, and Reading in the Later Middle Ages”

Michael A. Ryan (University of New Mexico), “Magical Fraud and Deceit in Late Medieval Venice”

6:30-7:30 PM                          Reception (hosted by Art Gallery of Ontario)

6:30-7:30 PM                          Dictionary of Old English Reception

Location TBC

7:30-10 PM                             Banquet at Art Gallery of Ontario restaurant

Saturday 8 April

8:30-10:15 AM                       SESSION 5

5.1 Manuscript Studies V: “Scribal Culture”

VC 101

Org.: Kara Gaston (University of Toronto)

Chair: Christine M. Rose (Portland State University)

Amy C. Nelson (Saint Louis University), “‘Trewly I, that made this book’: The Problematic Textual and Editorial History of Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess”

Martha D. Rust (New York University), “The Roundel: Icon of a Behold-able Concept”

Jacqueline Jenkins (University of Calgary), “The Self-Promoting Scribe of The Book of Margery Kempe”

5.2 Monasticism I: “Lives on the Borders of the Enclosure”

VC 206

Org. and Chair: Isabelle Cochelin (University of Toronto)

Natalie Sherwan (University of California, Los Angeles), “Walling Off the World: Building Monastic Community in a Fourteenth-century Balkan Borderland”

Anne Heath (Hope College), “Abbots Looking Like Bishops: Benedictine Monasticism and Episcopal Insignia in the Thirteenth through Fifteenth Centuries”

Eleonora Destefanis (Università del Piemonte Orientale), “Spaces for Monks and Spaces for Laymen in Early Medieval Monasteries”

5.3 Eccentric Exegesis I: “Theological Tools of Interpretation in Literary or Visual Contexts”

VC 215

Org. Elisa Brilli (University of Toronto)

Chair: Elisa Brilli (University of Toronto)

Donald Maddox (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), “Purgatorial Themes in the Thirteenth-century French Arthurian Vulgate Cycle”

Dinah Wouters (University of Ghent), “Allegory from Exegesis: The Hermeneutical Procedures that Create New Allegorical Narratives”

Jennifer M. Feltman (University of Alabama), “Tropology and the New Imagery of the Virtues and Vices at Notre-Dame, Paris and Amiens”
5.4 The North II: “Territory and Boundaries”

VC 115

Chair: TBC
Meredith A. Bacola (University of Manitoba), “The Significance of Place upon the Development of St Guthlac’s Cult”

Daniel Power (Swansea University), “Remembering and Forgetting the ‘Anglo-Norman Realm’ after 1204”

Cynthia J. Neville (Dalhousie University), “Penitence, Reconciliation and Remission: The King’s Pardon in Thirteenth-Century Scotland”

Andrew Moore (University of Waterloo), “Digitally Reconstructing Deserted Villages: GIS Correlations of Surveys and Court Rolls”

5.5 Soundscapes I: “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Sound and Space”

EM 119

Chair: John Haines (University of Toronto)

Graeme M. Boone (Ohio State University), “Color in Late Medieval Musical Notation”

Rachel McNellis (Case Western Reserve University), “Performance of the Visual and Participation in the Divine: Sacred Representation in Cordier’s Tout par compas”

Samuel B. Johnson (University of Notre Dame), “Harmonies of Salvation: Numerical Exegesis as Music in Augustine’s De Trinitate”

5.6 The Medieval Mediterranean V: “Transregional Histories”

VC 212

Chair: TBC

Hélène Sirantoine (University of Sydney), “The Polities of Islam and al-Andalus through Iberian Christian Eyes (8th to early 13th c.)”

Meredith L.D. Riedel (Duke Divinity School, Duke University), “The Hand of Blessing: A Relic Precious to Christians and Muslims in the Tenth Century”

Michael Lower (University of Minnesota), “Mercenaries, States, and Organized Violence: North Africa and Europe, c. 1100-1500”

5.7 “In Memory of Étienne Gilson”

VC 323

Org. and Chair: Ann Hutchison (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies)

Daniel W. Houck (Southern Methodist University), “Nature and Esse: The Theological Legacy of Étienne Gilson”

Joshua Lee Harris (Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), “Transcendentals in Medieval Philosophy: Worthless or Crucial?”

Oleg V. Bychkov (St. Bonaventure University, NY), “The Status of the Phenomenal Appearance of the Sensory in Fourteenth-century Franciscan Thought after Duns Scotus (Peter Aureoli to Adam of Wodeham)”

Respondent: Richard Fafara (Independent Scholar)

5.8 Roundtable: “Expulsion and Forced Migration in Medieval and Early Modern Europe”

EM 108

Org.: Rowan Dorin (Stanford University)

Chair/Moderator: Natalie Zemon Davis (University of Toronto)

Robert Chazan (New York University)

Rowan Dorin (Stanford University)

Mark Meyerson (University of Toronto)

Nicholas Terpstra (University of Toronto)

10:15-10:45 AM                     Coffee service

Vic Foyer

10:45 AM-12:15 PM              President’s plenary:

Bader Theatre                         Carmela Vircillo Franklin (Columbia University)

“Reading the Popes: The Liber pontificalis and its Editors”

12:15-1:30 PM                        Lunch break

1:30-3:15 PM                          SESSION 6

6.1 Monasticism II: “Monastic Donations”

VC 206

Org.: Isabelle Cochelin (University of Toronto)

Chair: Jacob Wakelin (University of Toronto)

Kimberly A. LoPrete (National University of Ireland, Galway), “Bertrada of Montfort’s Dower(s): Women’s Property and Monastic Patronage in the Early Twelfth Century”

Michael F. Reed (University of Victoria), “The familia of Ely and the Signification of Tenurial Status in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries”

Lucie Laumonier (University of Calgary), “The Recluses of Montpellier (mid-13th-15th c.): Charity and Community”

6.2 Eccentric Exegesis II: “Theological Tools of Interpretation in Literary or Visual Contexts”

VC 215

Org. Elisa Brilli (University of Toronto)

Chair: TBC

Ann Hubert (St. Lawrence University), “Remembering Not to Forget: Wisdom and Scriptural Exegesis”

Ruth Nisse (Wesleyan University), “Integument and Prophecy: The Crisis of Hebrew in the Commentaries of Odo the Englishman”

Amanda Wetmore (University of Toronto), “The Hermeneutics of Collapse in Julian of Norwich’s Parable of the Lord and Servant”

6.3 The North III: “Visual and Material Cultures”

VC 115

Chair: TBC

Katherine Sedovic (Trinity College Dublin), “Materially Different, Yet Visually Similar: Collaborative Production Practices Among Arthurian Manuscripts and Ivories in Fourteenth-century Paris”

Hugh M. Thomas (University of Miami), “Textiles and Court Life in the Reign of King John of England, 1199-1216”

Linda Ehrsam Voigts (University of Missouri-Kansas City), “Henry VII, Epidemic Disease, and Saint Armel”

6.4 Soundscapes II: “Song and Narrative”

EM 119

Chair: David Klausner (University of Toronto)

Christopher Roman (Kent State University, Tuscawaras), “Angel Tongues: The Soundscapes of Cistercian Exegesis”

Leann Wheless Martin (University of Washington), “Defeating Antichrist, Defending the Church: Music in the Ludus de Antichristo”

Ellen K. Rentz (Claremont McKenna College), “The Liturgical Soundtrack of Middle English Poetry”

Peter Loewen (Rice University) and Robin Waugh (Wilfrid Laurier University), “Translating Chant in William Herebert’s ‘Conditor alme siderum’”

6.5 Roundtable: “Transforming Diversity in Medieval Studies:

VC 101

Org.: Jonathan Hsy (George Washington University / BABEL Working Group)

Chair: Jonathan Hsy

Alexandra Gillespie (University of Toronto), “Invisible Disability and Access in Academe”

SeoKyung Han (Binghamton University-SUNY), “How to Relate the Unrelated Lives of the Medieval Around the Globe”

Wan-Chuan Kao (Washington and Lee University), “Precarity, Fragility, and Minoritarian Medieval Studies”

Christopher M. Roman (Kent State University-Tuscawaras), “Dismantling through Alternative Coalitions with Cross-Discipline Mentoring”

Michelle R. Warren (Dartmouth College), “Lead From Where You Are…Where Are You?”

6.6 “In Honour of A.G. Rigg: Anglo-Latin Studies”

VC 323

Chair: David Townsend (University of Toronto)

Gania Barlow (Oakland University), “The Werewolf Storyteller: Transformation and Transmission in Arthur and Gorlagon”

Lindsey Zachary Panxhi (Oklahoma Baptist University), “Succubi and the Blessed Sacrament: Clerical Critiques of the Trial by Ordeal”

Katie Bugyis (St. Martin’s University), “The Writer of the Life of Christina of Markyate: The Case for Robert de Gorron (d. 1166)”

Zbigniew Izydorczyk (University of Winnipeg), “The Idea of the Gospel of Nicodemus”

6.7 The Medieval Mediterranean VI: “Teaching the Medieval Mediterranean”

VC 101

Org.: Sharon Kinoshita (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Thomas E. Burman (University of Tennessee)

Chair: Thomas E. Burman

Pete Burkholder (Fairleigh Dickinson University), “Taming the Content Monster: A Backward Approach to Teaching the Medieval Mediterranean”

Louisa A. Burnham (Middlebury College), “Using Braudel as a Frame”

Brian A. Catlos (University of Colorado, Boulder), “Against the Grain: Teaching the Age of Crusades via the Mediterranean”

Dawn Marie Hayes (Montclair State University), “Approaching the Mediterranean, Front and Center: Reflections on Teaching Norman Sicily and Southern Italy”

Cecily J. Hilsdale (McGill University), “The Visual Cultures of the Medieval Mediterranean in the Classroom”

Sharon Kinoshita (University of California, Santa Cruz), “Medieval Mediterranean Literature in the Classroom”

Valerie Ramseyer (Wellesley College), “Fifteen Years of Teaching the Early Medieval Mediterranean”

Anne Marie Wolf (University of Maine, Farmington), “Mediterranean World 1200-1700 as a 200-Level History Class: Challenges and Possibilities”

6.8 Vernacular Languages III: “Vernacular Languages in Contact”

VC 212

Chair: Markus Stock (University of Toronto)

Robert E. Lerner (Northwestern University), “Rupescissa Goes Multilingual: The Pan-European Vernacular Reception of a Latin Eschatological Prophecy”

Hannah Weaver (Harvard University), “Language and Authority in Lawman’s Brut”

Margaret Healy-Varley (Providence College), “The Circulation of the Prologue to A Talkyng of the Loue of God”

3:15-4:30 PM                          Travel to the Aga Khan Museum (buses)

4:30-6:30 PM                          Induction of Fellows

Aga Khan Museum                 Fellows’ plenary:

Monica H. Green (Arizona State University)

“History in a Hemispheric Mode: Redrawing the Medieval Map”

6:30-7:45 PM                          Closing reception (hosted by the Aga Khan Museum)

Sunday 9 April

8:30 AM-1 PM                        CARA meeting (Note: separate registration)

Centre for Medieval Studies, Lillian Massey Building, Room 310

“DNA and the MAA: Genetics, Scientific Collaboration and the Future of Medieval Studies Programs”

Chair: Anne E. Lester (University of Colorado, Boulder; CARA Chair)

Monica Green (History, Arizona State University), “Genetics and the Medievalist”

Patrick Geary (School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ), “Lessons Learned from Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries: Genomic Research and Medieval History”

Alexandra Gillespie (English, University of Toronto), [TBC]

Business meeting and lunch to follow. For more information on the CARA meeting, please contact Anne E. Lester (anne.lester[AT]Colorado.EDU).


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