N. DesRosiers et L. C. Vuong (éd.), Religious competition in the Greco-Roman world

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Nathaniel DesRosiers et Lily C. Vuong (éd.), Religious competition in the Greco-Roman world, Atlanta, 2016.

Éditeur : Society of Biblical Literature
Collection : Writings from the Greco-Roman world Supplement series
xviii-326 pages
ISBN : 9780884141587
59,95 $

Scholars in the fields of late antique Christianity, neoplatonism, New Testament, art history, and rabbinics examine issues related to authority, identity, and change in religious and philosophical traditions of late antiquity. The specific focus of the volume is the examination of cultural producers and their particular viewpoints and agendas in an attempt to shed new light on the religious thinkers, texts, and material remains of late antiquity. The essays explore the major creative movements of the era, examining the strategies used to develop and designate orthodoxies and orthopraxies. This collection of essays reinterprets dialogues between individuals and groups, illuminating the mutual competition and influence among these ancient thinkers and communities.


Source : Society of Biblical Literature


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