K. R. Moore (dir.), Brill's Companion to the Reception of Alexander the Great

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Kenneth Royce Moore (dir.), Brill's Companion to the Reception of Alexander the Great, Leyde-Boston, 2018.

Éditeur : Brill
Collection : Brill's Companions to Classical Reception
xxiii, 856 pages
ISBN : 978-90-04-35993-2
189 €


Brill's Companion to the Reception of Alexander the Great offers a considerable range of topics, of interest to students and academics alike, in the long tradition of this subject's significant impact, across a sometimes surprising and comprehensive variety of areas. Arguably no other historical figure has cast such a long shadow for so long a time. Every civilisation touched by the Macedonian Conqueror, along with many more that he never imagined, has scrambled to “own” some part of his legacy. This volume canvasses a comprehensive array of these receptions, beginning from Alexander's own era and journeying up to the present, in order to come to grips with the impact left by this influential but elusive figure.

Editor's foreword K.R. Moore
List of Illustrations
List of Contributors

Ancient Greek, Roman and Persian Receptions
1 Framing the Debate / K.R. Moore
2 Attic Orators on Alexander the Great / Elias Koulakiotis
3 The Reception of Alexander's Father Philip II of Macedon / Sabine Muller
4 The Reception of Alexander in the Ptolemaic Dynasty / John Holton
5 Alexander after Alexander: Macedonian Propaganda and Historical Memory in Ptolemy and Aristobulus' Writings / Giuseppe Squillace
6 The Reception of Alexander the Great in Hellenistic Art / Olga Palagia
7 Metalexandron: Receptions of Alexander in the Hellenistic and Roman Worlds / Shane Wallace
8 Alexander between Rome and Persia: Politics, Ideology, and History / Jacob Nabel
9 Beyond Persianization: The Adoption of Near Eastern Traditions by Alexander the Great / James Mullen
10 Sons of Heracles: Antony and Alexander in the Late Republic / Kyle Erickson
11 The Ambivalent Model: Alexander in the Greek World between Politics and Literature (1st Century BC / beg. 1st Century AD) / Federicomaria Muccioli
12 The Latin Alexander: Roman Power, Imperialism, and Alexander the Great / Dawn Gilley
13 Alexander the Great in Seneca's Works and in Lucan's Bellum Civile / Giulio Celotto
14 Plutarch's Alexander / Sulochana Asirvatham

Later Receptions in the Near- and Far-East and the Romance Tradition
15 Alexander in the Jewish tradition: From Second Temple Writings to Hebrew Alexander Romances / Aleksandra Kleczar
16 Jews, Samaritans and Alexander: Facts and Fictions in Jewish Stories on the Meeting of Alexander and the High Priest / Meir Ben-Shahar
17 The Reception of Alexander the Great in Roman, Byzantine and Early Modern Egypt / Agnieszka Wojciechowska and Krzysztof Nawotka
18 Byzantine Views on Alexander the Great / Juanno Corrine
19 The Church Fathers and Their Reception of Alexander / Jaakkojuhani Peltonen
20 Medieval and Renaissance Italian Receptions of the Alexander Romance Tradition / Barbara Blythe
21 Syriac and Persian Versions of the Alexander Romance / Krzysztof Nawotka

"Modern" and Postmodern Receptions
22 The Men Who Would be Alexander: Alexander the Great and His Graeco-Bactrian Successors in the Raj / Rachael Mairs
23 Receptions of Alexander in Johann Gustav Droysen / Joseph Wiesehoefer
24 "The Unmanly Ruler": Bagoas, Alexander's Eunuch Lover, Mary Renault's The Persian Boy, and Alexander Reception / Elizabeth Baynham and Terry Ryan
25 Alexander's Image in German, Anglo-American and French Scholarship from the Aftermath of World War I to the Cold War / Reinhold Bichler
26 Alexander as Glorious Failure: The Case of Robert Rossen's Alexander the Great (1956) / Alastair Blanshard
27 Go East, Young Man: Adventuring in the Spirit of Alexander / Margaret Butler
28 The Great Misstep: The Legacy of Alexander the Great & Persepolis / Alexander McAuley
29 Avoiding Afghanistan: An Absent Insight from Alexander / Jason Warren
30 The Artist as Art Historian: Some Modern Works on Alexander / Ada Cohen
31 Alexander the Great Screaming Out for Hellenicity: Greek Songs and Political Dissent Guendalina / D.M. Taietti
32 "Nobody Can Consider His Condition in Life Superior to Yours": The Reception of the Ancient Disabled and Alexander the Great / Alexandra Morris




Source : Brill


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