M. Winterbottom, Papers on Quintilian and Ancient Declamation

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Michael Winterbottom, Papers on Quintilian and Ancient Declamation. Edited by Antonio Stramaglia, Francesca Romana Nocchi, and Giuseppe Russo, Oxford, 2019.

Éditeur : Oxford University Press
400 pages
ISBN : 9780198836056
$ 115.00

Declamation - the practice of training young men to speak in public by setting them to compose and deliver speeches on fictional legal cases - was central to the Greek and Roman educational systems over many centuries and has been the subject of a recent explosion of scholarly interest. The work of Michael Winterbottom has been seminal in this regard, and the present volume brings together a broad selection of his scholarly articles and reviews published since 1964, creating an authoritative and accessible resource for this burgeoning field of study.

The assembled papers focus on two related topics: the rhetorician Quintilian and ancient declamation in practice. Quintilian, who taught rhetoric at Rome in the second half of the first century AD, was the author of the Institutio Oratoria, a key text for Roman educational practice, rhetoric, and literary criticism. Subjects explored in the present collection range widely over not only the establishment and interpretation of the text and its literary and historical context, but also Quintilian's views on inspiration, morality, philosophy, and declamation, of which he was a practitioner. While the volume also offers detailed examinations of the texts and interpretations of a wide range of Latin and Greek authors of declamations, such as Seneca the Elder, Sopatros, and Ennodius, there is a particular focus on two collections wrongly attributed to Quintilian, the so-called 'Minor' and 'Major Declamations'. A major re-assessment of the manuscript tradition of the latter collection is published here for the first time.

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction
Publications of Michael Winterbottom
Articles and Chapters (A)
1. Quintilian and the vir bonus
2. Problems in the Elder Seneca
3. Quintilian and Rhetoric
4. The Text of Sulpicius Victor
5. Cicero and the Silver Age
6. Schoolroom and Courtroom
7. Declamation, Greek, and Latin
8. Quintilian and Declamation
9. Quintiliano e Virgilio
10. Sopatros' Discussion of Questions
11. Cicero and the Middle Style
12. On Impulse
13. Quintilian the Moralist
14. An Emendation in Calpurnius Flaccus
15. More Problems in Quintilian
16. Ennodius, Dictio 21
17. Something New out of Armenia
18. Approaching the End: Quintilian 12.11
19. Quintilian 12.11.11-2
20. Declamation and Philosophy
21. William of Malmesbury's Work on the Declamationes maiores
22. The Editors of Calpurnius Flaccus
23. The Words of the Master
24. The Manuscript Tradition of [Quintilian]'s Major Declamations: A New Approach
Reviews (R)
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Source : Oxford University Press


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