Br. McNair, Cristoforo Landino: His Works and Thought

Mercredi, 09 Octobre 2019 07:57 Jacques Elfassi


Bruce McNair, Cristoforo Landino: His Works and Thought, Leyde, 2019.

Éditeur : Brill
Collection : Medieval and Renaissance Authors and Texts, 21
VI-228 pages
ISBN : 978-90-04-38952-6
119 €

In Cristoforo Landino: His Works and Thought Bruce McNair examines the writings, lectures and orations of Landino (1424-98), Renaissance Florence's famous teacher of poetry and rhetoric. McNair studies Landino's lecture notes, public orations, poetry, philosophical works and most popular commentaries to show how Landino's allegorical interpretations of Virgil and Dante grew in complexity as he studied philosophy and theology and how he understood Dante's Commedia as completing and surpassing Virgil's Aeneid. McNair also shows how Landino draws upon a wide range of thinkers such as Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas, Ficino, Argyropoulos and Bessarion, and how he incorporates his increasing knowledge of Plato into a scholastic framework and is better considered as a Dantean than a Neoplatonist.


Source : Brill