Winckelmann's Victims

Winckelmann's Victims

The Classics: Norms, Exclusions and Prejudices

Ghent University (Belgium), 20-22 September 2018

Appel à contributions
Date limite : 15 avril 2018

CONFIRMED KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Michelle Warren (University of Dartmouth) – Mark Vessey (University of British Columbia) – Irene Zwiep (University of Amsterdam)

“Der einzige Weg für uns, groß, ja, wenn es möglich ist, unnachahmlich zu werden, is die Nachahmung der Alten.”
Johannes Winckelmann

Classics played a major and fundamental role in the cultural history of Western Europe. Few would call this into question. Since the Carolingian period, notably ‘classical' literature has served as a constant source and model of creativity and inspiration, by which the literary identity of Europe has been negotiated and (re-)defined. The tendency to return to the classics and resuscitate them remains sensible until today, as classical themes and stories are central to multiple contemporary literary works, both in ‘popular' and ‘high' culture. Think for instance of Rick Riordan's fantastic tales about Percy Jackson or Colm Tóibín's refined novels retelling the Oresteia.

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E. Siotto, La policromia sui sarcofagi romani.


Eliana Siotto, La policromia sui sarcofagi romani, Rome, 2017.

Éditeur : L'Erma
Collection : Studia Archaeologica, 220
306 pages
ISBN : 78-88-913-1589-2
210 €

This monograph deals with the polychromy on Roman marble sarcophagi produced in Rome from the beginning of the 2nd century to the end of the 4th century AD. It addresses the issues of colour and gilding by topic, in a discursive way, from a technical and practical point of view. The monograph brings together results and data derived from field observations, scientific analyses combined with archive-bibliographical research by emerging technologies in support of the classic process. For the first time, the study of polychromy is dealt with in a totally new way and the research focuses exclusively on a specific class of archaeological artefacts. This approach does not alter the text of the manuscript broad and complementary examination of the materials studied from a historical and archaeological profile. Thus, the search is configured for its transdisciplinarity constituting a pioneering product for the subject matter, so innovative in content and method.

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Podcast de la Journée Agrégation de Lettres classiques

Podcast de la Journée Agrégation de Lettres classiques (programme du concours 2018)


Les interventions de la Journée organisée par le département des sciences de l'Antiquité de l'université d'Aix Marseille et le Centre Paul-Albert Février - TDMAM (AMU-CNRS) -le 10 novembre 2017- sont disponibles en Podcast audio.

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- Sophie Gotteland (Université Bordeaux Montaigne)
"Eschine ventriloque : la polyphonie du Contre Timarque"

- Catherine Psilakis (Université Lyon 1)
"Les modèles de la owqpooùvn dans le Contre Timarque d'Eschine"

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