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Challenging Knowledge in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
09.10.2023 - 11.10.2023 
Université hébraïque de Jérusalem - Jerusalem
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Challenging Knowledge in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages

Research workshop of the Israel Science Foundation

9-11 October, 2023

Yitzhak Hen  (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem & IIAS)
Irene van Renswoude (Universiteit van Amsterdam & Huygens Instituut)

Israel Institute for Advanced Studies
Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Monday, 9 October
09:30-09:35    Greetings by the Director of the IIAS
09:35-09:45  Introduction – Irene van Renswoude and Yitzhak Hen
09:45-10:45    Session I: Opening Lecture
Chair: Irene van Renswoude (Universiteit van Amsterdam & Huygens Instituut)
Renate Dürr (Universität Tübingen) – Hidden Messages in Plain Sight: Dealing with Censorship in the Eighteenth Century
10:45-11:15    Coffee break
11:15-12:45    Session II:
Chair: Mor Hajbi (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Mark Vessey (University of British Columbia) – The challenge of Origen
Sabrina Inowlocki (KU Leuven) – Pamphilus of Caesarea and the Textual Preservation and Transmission of Origen: The Paratextual Evidence
12:45-13:45    Lunch
13:45-15:15    Session III:
Chair: Uriel Simonsohn (University of Haifa)
Giovanni Alberto Cecconi (Università degli Studi di Firenze) – Taxation as an ambiguous mirror of Christian kingship (or drive for ‘Kaiserkritik’) in sixth-century Byzantium
Youval Rotmann (Tel Aviv University) - Know thy enemy, know thyself: mapping Islam through Byzantine eyes
15:15-15:45    Coffee break
15:45-18:00     Session IV:
Chair: TBC
Jacques Elfassi (Université de Lorraine) – Isidore of Seville’s use of Pelagius’ commentary on the Pauline Epistles (CPL 728)
Stefan Esders (Freie Universität, Berlin) – Carolingian appropriations of Pelagius’ letter to Demetrias on free will
Conrad Leyser (University of Oxford) - The medieval Manichee revisited
18:15        Reception at the IIAS

Tuesday, 10 October
09:30-11:00     Session V:
Chair: Oz Tamir (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Yaniv Fox (Bar-Ilan University) – Over-allegorization and the boundaries of early medieval hermeneutics
Uta Heil (Universität Wien) – The origin of the Devil: contested knowledge in Apocryphal texts
11:00-11:30    Coffee break
11:30-13:00     Session VI:
Chair: Oded Irshai (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Josh Timmermann (University of British Columbia) – Quasi periculose scripsissem: The dangers of Scripture and the necessity of a Patristic Canon in the Carolingian World
Gerda Heydemann (Freie Universität, Berlin) – Challenging practice through alternative norms: The Bible in the Carolingian debate about church property
13:00-14:00    Lunch
14:00-16:15     Session VII:
Chair: TBC
Warren Pezé (Université Paris Est) – Carolingian theologians and their sources: a challenging knowledge or a handy resource?
Mary Garrison (University of York) – Alcuin and a four-fold scheme of learning: Challenging cultural paradigms of knowledge
Graeme Ward (Universität Tübingen) – Varieties of authority and layers of knowledge in an eleventh-century manuscript: St Gall 681
16:15-16:30    Coffee break
16:30-18:00     Session VIII:
Chair: TBC
Carine van Rhijn (Universiteit Utrecht) – Anonymous, superstitious and ‘stupid’ - yet popular: prognostic texts and the assessment of knowledge in the early medieval Latin West
Yitzhak Hen (Hebrew University of Jerusalem & IIAS) – Arians? seriously!?
Time TBC    Participants’ dinner

Wednesday, 11 October
09:30-11:45     Session IX:
Chair: Shachar Orlinsky (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Mariken Teeuwen (Universiteit Leiden & Huygens Instituut) – Challenging the text: practices of critical consideration in the margin
Irene van Renswoude (Universiteit van Amsterdam & Huygens Instituut) – Ceci n'est pas de la censure! Assessing challenging knowledge in manuscripts
Santiago Castellanos (Universidad de Léon) – Deleting, burning, and fixing: ideological agendas in the Visigothic kingdom
11:45-12:15    Coffee break
12:15-13:15     Session X: Concluding Lecture
Chair: Yitzhak Hen  (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem & IIAS)
Andreea Badea (Universität Frankfurt) – The censor and the economy of knowledge: knowledge and censorship in the pre-modern era
13:15-14:00     Lunch
14:30        Tour of Old City of Jerusalem
Time TBC    Participants’ dinner


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