I. Schaaf (éd.), Animal Kingdom of Heaven

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Ingo Schaaf (éd.), Animal Kingdom of Heaven. Anthropozoological Aspects in the Late Antique World, Berlin, 2019.

Éditeur : De Gruyter
Collection : Millennium Studies 80
161 pages
ISBN : 978-3-11-060306-4
79.95 euros

The essays collected in this volume apply an interdisciplinary approach to explore aspects of the relationship between animal and human in late antiquity. With a focus on ways that anthropozoological connections were defined in the emergent Christian religious discourse of the epoch, the authors contribute to our understanding a thematic area largely neglected in previous research.

SCHAAF Ingo, p. 1-8

« Ecco, io vi mando come agnelli in mezzo ai lupi » (Mt 10,16) : eretici e animali nel cristianesimo antico
FRANCHI Roberta, p. 9-34

The Function of Dragon Episodes in Early Hagiography
OGDEN Daniel, p. 35-58

Tiere in symbolischer Deutung : Der Physiologus
SCHNEIDER Horst, p. 59-76

Gregorio Magno e il mondo animale, tra curiositas e simbologia
MORESCHINI Claudio, p. 77-96

The Flight of the Phoenix to Paradise in Ancient Literature and Iconography
LECOCQ Françoise, p. 97-130

Das Tier, der Mensch und Gott in Laktanzens De opificio Dei
BRASI Diego De, p. 131-146

Index rerum et nominum, p. 147-150
Index locorum, p. 151


Source : De Gruyter


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