I. Lampurlanés Farré, Excerptum de Talmud. Study and Edition of a Thirteenth-Century Latin Translation

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Isaac Lampurlanés Farré, Excerptum de Talmud. Study and Edition of a Thirteenth-Century Latin Translation, Turnhout, 2020.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Contact and Transmission, vol. 1
302 pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-58690-8
€ 85 (excl. tax)

In 1239 the Christian convert Nicholas Donin submitted thirty-five articles to Pope Gregory IX that decried the indecency, blasphemy, and heresy in the Talmud. As a result, the pope triggered a campaign across Europe that gave rise to a trial of the Talmud in Paris in 1240. The Latin translation of the Talmud — namely, the 1245 Extractiones de Talmud and later versions such as the Excerptum de Talmud — emerged from these events.
This volume offers the first critical edition, along with an English translation, of the Excerptum de Talmud. Drawing on the substantial translation of the Babylonian Talmud known as the Extractiones de Talmud (Paris, 1245), the Excerptum provided a selection of passages from the Talmud which its compiler organized according to controversial topics.

This book consists of two principal parts. The first contains a study of the Excerptum, its textual source (the Extractiones de Talmud), and an overview of the historical background which prompted this translation. The second part consists of an edition and translation of the text, as well as an edition of the passages from the Extractiones which served as the basis for the Excerptum.
These texts mark a significant chapter in Christian anti-Jewish disputations and Latin polemical works in the Middle Ages. This volume will thus prove useful to scholars interested in Latin philology, religious disputation, medieval translation and transmission of knowledge, and the history of Christian-Jewish relations.

Table of Contents



Part I: Study of the Excerptum de Talmud

Chapter One: The Paris Trial of 1240: How it unfolded

1.1. Before Paris: The earliest references to the Talmud in Christian polemical literature
1.2. The thirteenth century: the Christian and Jewish milieux in France
1.3. Nicholas Donin: The thirty-five articles against the Talmud
1.4. The Disputation
1.4.1. The Hebrew report
1.4.2. The Latin report
1.5. Concluding remarks

Chapter Two: Extractiones de Talmud

2.1. After the Trial: The review of the Trial concerning the Talmud
2.2. The translation process
2.3. The manuscripts and the two versions
2.3.1. The sequential Extractiones
2.3.2. The thematic Extractiones The prologue to the thematic Extractiones The chapters of the thematic Extractiones
2.4. The translation and the translators thereof
2.5. In summary

Chapter Three: The Excerptum de Talmud

3.1. The transmission of the Extractiones de Talmud
3.2. The manuscripts of the Excerptum and its stemma codicum
3.3. The source of the Excerptum: the thematic Extractiones
3.4. The content of the Excerptum de Talmud
3.5. The authorship and date of the Excerptum de Talmud
3.6. Notes in summary



Part II: Critical edition: Excerptum de Talmud

Editorʼs preface

Excerptum de Talmud
: The Text

i. De auctoritate Talmud
ii. De magistris Talmud
iii. Blasphemiae contra Christum
iv. Blasphemiae contra Deum, creatorem omnium
v. Contra christianos et ecclesiam Dei
vi. Oratio contra christianos
vii. De stultitiis et execratione iudaeorum
viii. De sortilegiis iudaeorum et de infidelitate ipsorum
ix. Fictio iudaeorum de futuro saeculo
x. De adventu Messiae
xi. De stultitiis iudaeorum
xii. De inmunditiis iudaeorum
xiii. De somniis seu visionibus nocturnis iudaeorum
xiv. De fabulis iudaeorum

Appendix: the thematic source

De auctoritate Talmud
De sapientibus et magistris Talmud
De blasphemiis contra Christum et beatam Virginem
De blasphemiis contra Deum
Contra christianos
De imprecationibus contra goym
Contra christianos
De erroribus
De sortilegiis
De somniis
De futuro saeculo et statu post mortem
De Messia
De stultitiis
De turpitudinibus et inmunditiis
De fabulis


Index locorum Talmud
Index locorum Sacrae Scripturae
Index locorum Libri de Krubot
Index locorum Articulorum Donin
Index locorum Anthologiae
Index glossarum Salomonis in Vetus Testamentum
Index aliarum fontium iudaicarum
Index magistrorum Talmud
Index verborum Hebraicorum
Index verborum Gallicorum



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