W. Kühlmann et K. W. Beichert, Literarisches Leben zwischen Rhein und Main

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Wilhelm Kühlmann et Karl Wilhelm Beichert, Literarisches Leben zwischen Rhein und Main. Der Wertheimer Dichter, Schulmann und Rentmeister Nikolaus Rüdinger (ca. 1530–1581) im Netzwerk des pfälzischen Späthumanismus, Berlin-Boston, 2021.

Éditeur : De Gruyter
Collection : Frühe Neuzeit, 240
X-372 pages
ISBN : 9783110723632
109,95 €

This monograph – which stands out due to its use of archival documents, editions, translations, commentaries, and interpretations – introduces the school principal, Latin poet, and comital treasurer N. Rüdinger, one of the key figures of late Palatine humanism, who has thus far received too little attention. It presents his critical satires, casual poetry, and elegiac bible adaptations in the context of the ancient and early modern periods.


Source : De Gruyter