Martinus Schoockius, Encomium Surditatis

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Martinus Schoockius, Encomium SurditatisLob der Schwerhörigkeit (1650). Einführung, Text, Übersetzung, Kommentar von Eckard Lefèvre, Berlin-Boston, 2021.

Éditeur : De Gruyter
Collection : Frühe Neuzeit, 241
XIII-151 pages
ISBN : 9783110731804
89,95 €

This is the first modern critical edition and German translation of Surditatis encomium (In Praise of Deafness), written in Latin by Martinus Schoockius (1614–1669). Alongside a brief portrait of the Dutch author and polymath, an introduction and commentary locate the text within the genre tradition of ironic encomia and reveal its connections to discourses of disease in the early modern period.

Source : De Gruyter