M. Christopoulos, A. Papachrysostomou et A. P. Antonopoulos (éd.), Myth and History: Close Encounters

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Menelaos Christopoulos, Athina Papachrysostomou et Andreas P. Antonopoulos (éd.), Myth and History: Close Encounters, Berlin, 2022.

Éditeur : De Gruyter
Collection : MythosEikonPoiesis
436 pages
ISBN : 9783110779585

Preface IX

Part I: Epos

Menelaos CHRISTOPOULOS, “ Historicizing Homer's Myth in the Homeric Epigrams”, p. 3
Jonathan S. BURGESS, “ The Aristotelian Constitution of the Ithacans and Homero-Cyclic Reception of the Odyssey”, p. 13
Giuseppe ZANETTO, “ 'Let Me Tell You an Ancient Deed of the Distant Past': The Epic Hero as a ‘Historian' “, p. 25
Constantine ANTYPAS, “Authority, Power and Governability in the Odyssey: The Mythical Birth of the Polis”, p. 37

Part II: Lyric Poetry

Vasiliki KOUSOULINI, “Domestic and Political Order in the ‘Foundation Myths' of Partheneia”, p. 57
Ephraim LYTLE, “Myth, Memory and a Massacre on the Road to Dodona: Reinterpreting an Elegiac Lament from Archaic Ambracia (SEG 41.540A)”, p. 77

Part III: Historiography

Marion MEYER, “Shaping History: The Case of the Tyrannicides and the Marathonomachoi”, p. 99
Nanno MARINATOS, “The Myth of Troy Turned into History: Thucydides' Archaeology”, p. 119
Natasha BERSHADSKY, “The Argive Women, Beards and Democracy”, p. 131
Olga LEVANIOUK, “Seeking Agariste”, p. 147
Jordi REDONDO, “The Herodotean Myth on the Origin of the Scythians”, p. 167

Part IV: Drama

Paolo B. CIPOLLA, “(Re)writing a Sicilian Myth: The Palici and Aeschylus' Aitnaiai”, p. 189
Efimia D. KARAKANTZA, “ ‘To Be Buried or Not to Be Buried ?' Necropolitics in Athenian History and Sophocles' Antigone”, p. 207
Andreas P. ANTONOPOULOS, “Sophocles' Trachiniae and the Peloponnesian War: A New Perspective”, p. 221
Gesthimani SEFERIADI, “The Authority of ‘History' in the Exodus of Sophocles' Trachiniae”, p. 245
Athina PAPACHRYSOSTOMOU, “Nectanebo II and Philip II in Mythic Disguise : Comedy's Burlesque of History”, p. 263

Part V: Loci and Tempora

Jorge J. BRAVO, “The Myth of Opheltes at Nemea in the Context of Rivalry in the Archaic Peloponnese”, p. 279
Chiara DI SERIO, “Marginal Remarks on the Concept of ‘Time of Origins' in Classical Greek Culture”, p. 291
Alexandros VELAORAS, “Myth and History in the Court of Archelaus”, p. 303

Part VI: Roman Era and Late Antiquity

Chris TRINACTY, “ ‘Oceans Rise, Empires Fall': Cyclical Time and History in Seneca's Quaestiones Naturales 3”, p. 323
Françoise LECOCQ, “Herodotus' Phoenix between Hesiod and Papyrus Harris 500, and Its Legacy in Tacitus”, p. 339
Joel ALLEN, “Empire, Ethnicity, Exegesis : Lucian on Interpretations of Greek Myth in the Roman Mediterranean”, p. 359
Grammatiki KARLA, “Myth and History in Libanius' Imperial Speeches”, p. 375
George W. M. HARRISON, “Myth and Levels of Language in the Octavia”, p. 387

The Editors, p. 409
The Contributors, p. 411
Index Rerum et Nominum Notabiliorum, p. 415



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