R. Rees, A Commentary on Panegyrici Latini II(12)

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Roger Rees, A Commentary on Panegyrici Latini II(12). An Oration Delivered by Pacatus Drepanius before the Emperor Theodosius I in the Senate at Rome, AD 389, Cambridge, 2023.

Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
400 pages
ISBN : 9781107155046
£ 120

The renowned Gallic poet Pacatus Drepanius journeyed to Rome in the summer of AD 389 to deliver a speech to the Emperor Theodosius; both men stood for the first time before the Roman Senators. It was a moment of high political charge. The Latin speech survives and is here presented both in the original and with facing English translation; the introduction and commentary capture the groundbreaking character of the work and set it in its historical, rhetorical and literary contexts.

Source : Cambridge University Press