M. Lapidge, Canterbury Glosses from the School of Theodore and Hadrian. The Leiden Glossary

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Michael Lapidge, Canterbury Glosses from the School of Theodore and Hadrian. The Leiden Glossary, Turnhout, 2023.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Publications of the Journal of Medieval Latin, vol. 17
2 vols, 824 p. pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-60858-7
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The ‘Leiden Glossary' provides a record of the understanding and interpretation of the patristic and grammatical texts studied at the Canterbury School of Theodore and Hadrian, regarded by Bede as the high point of Christian culture in early medieval England. Each entry in the ‘Leiden Glossary' is provided with detailed commentary on the sources consulted by the two Canterbury masters (earlier glossaries; Isidore; Eucherius) and the later uses of the glossary by compilers of the Epinal–Erfurt and Corpus glossaries. The ‘Leiden Glossary' is thus a key witness to one of the greatest schools of learning in the early Middle Ages.

Michael Lapidge is Elrington-Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon emeritus (University of Cambridge), Fellow of the British Academy, and Corresponding Fellow of the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften and of the Accademia dei Lincei. He has authored and edited more than fifty books and articles, including for the series Hagiographies, Instrumenta Patristica et Mediaeualia, and Bibliologia.


Volume 17/1


Literary Production of the Canterbury School
The ‘Leiden-Family' Glossaries and the School of Canterbury
Archbishop Theodore
Abbot Hadrian
The Leiden Manuscript
Parallel Glossaries: The 'Leiden-Family' Glossaries
Derivative English Glossaries
Texts Studied at the Canterbury School as Represented in the ‘Leiden Glossary'
Sources of Interpretation of the Texts Studied at the Canterbury School
The Nature of the Glossing in the ‘Leiden Glossary'
Mistaken Interpretations
Editorial Procedures



Index of Lemmata
Index of Latin Glosses
Index of Greek
Index of Old English Glosses
Index of Old High German Glosses

Volume 17/2

The 'Leiden Glossary': Text and Commentary



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